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TSX Technically Worrisome

The past 5 days have been pretty rough on stock markets. Fundamentally, the chaos in Libya is causing a lot of uncertainty in the investing community so money is getting taking off the table. At the same time the Toronto Stock Exchange was reaching a resistance level as you’ll see in the chart below. For […]

TSX Market Technical Outlook

This past week on the Toronto Stock Exchange was a positive one. But is it staying that way? Let’s take a look at some basic technical analysis to see if it is. The week closed a 3 month high and broke through the resistance level. All signs are pointing to a continuing trend upward until […]

TSX Downtrend In Focus

More downward motion in the stock markets over the past week. There was a lot of good news released during the week but the few misses were enough to scare off investors. I haven’t done any technical analysis on the site here in a while so I thought that with this clear trend downward we […]

Friday Penny Stocks Review

Yesterday’s picks had some pain today, but I do expect them to be solid plays in the longer term.  The TSX got hit downward today on gold and oil.  Gold dropped significantly and I’ll be looking more closely at analysing spot gold prices technically over the weekend. Another feature to look forward to here at […]

Wednesday Penny Stock Review

Sometimes it’s ok to be wrong.  Yesterday I called OPC to headed down but is good for a move up soon.  Looks like that didn’t take long!  It was a strong mover upwards, while PRZ stayed flat with not a lot of volume.  In an upcoming post (I expect weekend) I’m going to be talking […]

Wednesday Penny Stock Preview

Hey everyone, This posting is a little later than expected tonight as I was out with the lady friend watching “the Hangover” and it turned out to be a pretty funny one.  Just about as funny as that biotech stock pick from yesterday.  Still a winning day though. I’ve also recently been dabbling with day […]