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5 Questions You Must Ask Before Your Invest In A Stock

In investing most times you are your worst enemy. It’s a reality that most do-it-yourself investor have to accept. The buy and hold approach only works if you buy and hold. If you’re a day trader, it doesn’t work if you keep your trades going for longer than a day or two. Strategies are meant […]

Start Investing Now. Not Tomorrow.

That’s right, enough reading and studying. Stop procrastinating and start investing. The only way to truly get experience in the field of penny stock investing is to just go out there and do it. You may win some and you may lose some but having the experience with real money is truly the only way […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Friday Preview

Hey everyone.  I hope it was a profitable day for all. Gallic Energy (GLE.A-V) has released information about their AGM and the proposal of 20-to-1 stock consolidation.  I don’t really care for this as it sounds like they’re doing this to allow for further stock offerings in the future.  So if you’re not in this […]

Triple Buy Or Triple Sell?

Lots of downward pressure going on with possibly more to go.  If you have cash, I’d hold on a little more.  It might be a good time to look at that portfolio of yours to see if the stocks you’ve purchased are still holding up to the reasons that you bought them for.  If so, […]

Fastest Picks Ever

WPX.V – $0.45 NRI.TO – $0.37 Technorati Tags: canadian penny stocks, Investing, Stock Picks, Trading

The Trading Journal Do’s and Don’ts

Every time I ask Norman Hallett from to “give us more” on a previous topic he’s previously covered, he always delivers. What do I mean? Well, about a month ago Norman wrote a post discussing “Measuring your Trading Experience” and within the article he touched on an important part of many successful trader’s daily […]

Monday Money Preview

After a dip in the pool, some BBQ, and a quick trip to the beach, the weekend is over and we’re back at the investing game. For a couple of days at least. The author behind this blog is planning a little vacation from Wednesday through to Sunday so for the latter half of the […]

The Psychology of Loss

I’ve asked Bob Iaccino from to come back and give us a short article on “The Psychology of Loss” as a LOT of people have recently dealt with it. Bob’s written two previous articles which you can find through this link. Please enjoy the article and visit Bob’s site for more great info. […]

I’m Not Saying Sell, But…

Not too often are recommendations to sell on this blog.  Usually it’s a springboard for stock ideas for you to take as a stepping stone for your own due diligence. But today I’m officially taking one stock off the list to even consider buying. OPTI Canada (OPC.TO) was originally featured on the blog at $2.89 […]

Videos On Moving Averages

I mentioned briefly the moving averages of the TSX recently but I’m not sure if everyone reading this blog will know what they are.  So here are two videos that are a good introduction to moving averages. Technorati Tags: Investing, moving averages, stock market, stock trading, Trading, trading moving averages