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Is Diversification Broken?

One of the most common phrases we hear in investing is that of diversification. It’s usually known as the only free lunch in investing, but there’s a lot more to it than that. In today’s economy is diversification still the answer? Now you can learn from a 10 page report that exposes the myth of […]

ABC’s of Stock Trading

It’s funny how many of these “lists” you come across, but the interesting thing is no matter how many lists you read through…you always pull something useful out of them! I believe this list is no different, but that’s just me! Amey from and creator of, has put together this list and would […]

Stem Cell Therapeutics (SSS.V) – Biotech Stock Play

Since I’ve featured this stock it has risen 82% and they continue further phases of testing so I expect this stock to continue higher.  They are in the enrollment phase of their clinical trials for their stroke treatment.  There continues to be acceptable levels of volume being traded and provided that this continues I would […]

Wednesday Penny Stock Review

Sometimes it’s ok to be wrong.  Yesterday I called OPC to headed down but is good for a move up soon.  Looks like that didn’t take long!  It was a strong mover upwards, while PRZ stayed flat with not a lot of volume.  In an upcoming post (I expect weekend) I’m going to be talking […]

Wednesday Penny Stock Preview

Hey everyone, This posting is a little later than expected tonight as I was out with the lady friend watching “the Hangover” and it turned out to be a pretty funny one.  Just about as funny as that biotech stock pick from yesterday.  Still a winning day though. I’ve also recently been dabbling with day […]

Awesome Free Technical Analysis Trading Videos

The people over at really know about being generous with their content.  They have an excellent blog and forum community that is great for anyone to learn, and participate in trading education.  I’ve started going through their videos they have on YouTube and they’re great.  Especially considering the price.  Here’s the first video in […]

Thursday Penny Stock Review

Whooooa Nelly!  Pretty positive day on the markets.  I’m especially pleased with the performance of picks with SSS.V up a cool 32%.  I noticed something the other day though.  When I came across ELR.TO as a stock on the move I took a look and the chart for spot platinum and noticed something very different. […]

A Great Way To Manage Your Portfolio

I came across a really simple and useful Portfolio tracking spreadsheet.  I really like the risk profile setup it uses.  Risk management isn’t something I’ve talked a lot about here on the blog yet, but is extremely important, especially in Canadian penny stocks where things can be very risky. There will be posts about risk […]

Tuesday Canadian Penny Stocks Review

Not as much of a pullback as I expected.  Things were pretty flat today. Yesterday’s Picks: CGK.V – Open $0.065 – Close $0.07 (+7.69%) PRZ.V – Open $0.08 – Close $0.075 (-6.25%) Today Best Performers: (with volume > 500k and share price < $2) TSX: MTI.T – Open $0.15 – Close $0.21 (+40%) TSXV: SSS.V […]

Monday Canadian Penny Stocks Review

The Bulls had a big run today with big run ups in commodity stocks.  The news of GM’s bankruptcy didn’t really affect the overall markets.  I’m expecting a pullback tomorrow from simple profit taking after such a large run up.  But as someone said, “traders have to trade” and I’ll have a few stocks for […]