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Triple Digits Gains On TSX?

The volatility remains on the stock market. A wild ride after Monday’s sell off. It’s difficult times for investors but nevertheless in the penny stock market there is always companies moving on their own news more so than that of the general market. Here are two companies to take a look at tomorrow: VMS Ventures […]

A Brand New 200% Penny Stock Performance

That’s right.  Although just the other day the Canadian Penny Stocks blog mentioned ELR.TO that is now up 228% since initially featured, we now have another 200% penny stock gainer.  Stem Cell Therapeutics announces great news and is now standing at 233% gain since initially featured on the blog.  Here’s a post entirely on Stem […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Tuesday Preview

Well I guess the bulls had no problem taking charge today on the overall market and had the TSX close above the psychological 11,000 level.   An interesting article at suggests that Australia may be raising interest rates.  This will certainly be something to watch as Canada’s economy is very similar in that they are […]

Thursday’s Penny Stock Preview

We took the good with the bad today with the picks from yesterday.  The overall index is still strong and it looks like gold is still hanging its head above 1000.  This is good news for the resource heavy Canadian stock markets that we like following here on the Canadian Penny Stocks blog.  Looking for […]

Not So Typical Stock Picks

Here are two not so typical stock ideas coming to you from recent news.  One is a large cap Canadian stock and the other a mid-cap stock.  This is usually the site for all your Canadian Penny stock picking needs and it will continue to be.  You will also find some interesting education pieces in […]

Three Canadian Stock Picks

BUK.V – Bridge Resources Corp. Bridge Resources Corp. is a Canada-based company. The Company is engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development, production, and marketing of petroleum and natural gas. The Company holds 100% interest in eight offshore exploration blocks located in the Southern Gas Area, and 100% interest in two offshore exploration blocks in […]

ML.TO Up Big Time

Although there’s no news associated yet, there is heavy volume and a big move upward for Mercator Minerals.  This is something that shouldn’t go unnoticed.  Currently trading at $2.81 this could be something that could be making its move towards $3.00. Initially featured on the blog about 36% ago, you could have made some money […]

The Back In Action Penny Stock Preview

After a health break we’re back to making money.  Not 100% yet so we may not be offering the daily stock picks just yet, but there’s still some money to be made in Canadian Penny Stocks and hopefully we all can fast! Today we’re going to look at the winners picked here at the Canadian […]

Canadian Stocks Preview

The stocks to look out for on Friday were GLE.A-V and UUU-TO.  GLE.A-V made a full cent move upwards to $0.025 on good volumes.  UUU traded down to $2.69.  It’s without question a volatile stock, but following that one could lead to some decent profits. What’s on the go for tomorrow’s trading day?  Might have […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Friday Preview

Hey everyone.  I hope it was a profitable day for all. Gallic Energy (GLE.A-V) has released information about their AGM and the proposal of 20-to-1 stock consolidation.  I don’t really care for this as it sounds like they’re doing this to allow for further stock offerings in the future.  So if you’re not in this […]