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Penny Stock To Watch: Silver Quest Resources

Silver Quest Resources (SQI.V) is a mineral exploration company with properties based in Canada. They focus on gold and silver in their British Columbia and Yukon properties. While there has recently been a lot of discovery going on in the Yukon lately, there has been some positive developments in British Columbia as well. Read more […]

Can You Really Make Money With Penny Stocks

It’s a question worth asking yourself every now and then. Can you really make money with penny stocks? This type of stock is often associated with junk status and rife with scammers and never an opportunity to make an honest dollar. This blog really doesn’t subscribe to the scammer mentality and believes that there are […]

Penny Stock Profile: Theralase Technologies Inc.

Although only coming across this company recently, it’s really interesting work they are doing. I’m a strong supporter of companies that are coming up with innovative ways of beating cancer. Ones that are showing signs of progress and adoption are worth looking into for investments. The headline from a press release in January really says […]

Mid-Week Penny Stocks Update

The big news coming out Wednesday will be with Apple. Not much in the way of a penny stock investment but it will be a great gadget and likely make it on to my must have gadget of the year, so I’m looking forward to the announcement. In other, non-penny stock related news, the Berkshire […]

Monday Penny Stock Preview

Another week of trading is about to get underway in less than 12 hours and the Asian markets are pointing downward as of the writing of this post.  Friday was a wildly volatile day.  We’re expecting weakness in commodities this weeks which may prove difficult for profits in the penny stock field, unless we can […]

A Monday Preview

I’ve really been bullish on Gold Hawk lately as you may have noticed, but it seems I’m not the only one as the president has recently purchased an additional 2.3 million shares.  So this, coupled with positive news and futures pointing higher, it could make for an interesting week.  After this post I won’t mention […]