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Canadian Penny Stocks Preview

The TSX had a great week overall, although not so sure that will continue on into this week.  We’re going to be looking at weaker gold prices, as more investors continue to pick up the US dollar in response to their increasing the discount rate.  That doesn’t mean that penny stock companies will necessarily be […]

Canadian Penny Stocks In Focus

Hello everyone and welcome to a profitable week in the world of penny stocks and the overall stock market. As was suggested by the previous post, we were testing the support levels of a longer term channel in the TSX. In most cases the support and resistance levels will be confirmed and the trend will […]

Tuesday Penny Stock Picks Preview

Interesting to see that Alcoa misses the street. Will be watching the earnings season closely to see if this is a signal to weaker resources in the coming weeks and months. Here’s an excerpt from a MarketWatch article, although it’s specifically talking about Alcoa, perhaps there’s too much hope in the market being calm. If […]