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Wednesday Penny Stocks Preview

It was a strong day on the overall TSX and indications are that the rally will continue for at least another day.  We’ll be keeping an eye out for gold prices since it’s again trading over the $1100 which is great for a lot of small cap resource stocks out there.  I also tweeted about […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Preview

A serious week of ups and downs on the stock market the past week. In a previous post we had talked about bouncing off of support levels which the TSX indeed did and continued upwards however midway through the week the bounce off of support ended and back down the markets went but on Friday, […]

Friday’s Penny Stock Preview

A seriously rough day again on the stock market. Gold was below that technical 1100 for most of the day however was able to close above 1100 to maintain the daily support level. That’s good news for gold but I’m not entirely convinced that the negative market sentiment is done yet. After the market close […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Preview

So another downer day on the TSX with gold and oil going in the same direction. It will be interesting to watch gold tomorrow as the technical support level at $1100 may be tested and the next level is another $50 lower. Not good news for the index and it’s looking like it’s more bad […]

Back In Action Penny Stock Preview

We’re back in action with Canadian Penny Stocks this week. A long weekend in the financial capital of the world was a great way to recharge the batteries and continue on the financial journey of success this year. It looks like January is leaning towards being another up month. Many of the market analyst are […]

Pre-Vacation Penny Stocks Picks

The Canadian Penny Stocks blog is going on hiatus for a couple of days. But that shouldn’t mean that you should stop making money on the stock market. In fact, if you’re playing the penny stock investing game, chances are that you are investing for the long term. There aren’t too many people day trading […]

The Canadian Penny Stocks Preview

Looks like there is some interesting large cap news out in the past couple of days.  The announcement of the Google Phone is really interesting.  The most interesting part about it is the unlocked availability, making the phone more easily switchable between carriers.  A great idea in my opinion, however we’ll see if it catches […]

Week In Review…Penny Stock Style

Not a great trading week on the TSX, after the dust settled the index was off by about 100 points, although it dropped but much more midday on Wednesday.  I’m expecting much more of the same for the coming week.  Weakness in the financial sector given the talks from heads of state for further regulation […]

Non-Farm Payroll Penny Stock Picks

The Canadian Penny Stocks blog is delivering picks in the morning this time around.  The pre-market just took off as soon as the non-farm payrolls were released.  This is a great sign for the overall economy on the road to recovery.   Still not job gains yet but those could be happening very soon.  Having missed […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Wednesday Preview

What a rocket of a day on the TSX with a strong 250+ point move higher.  Strongly showing that the Dubai fears are over and people are still investing their money out there.  Another interesting thing to note is that Australia raised their interest rates.  Interesting because of their similar economic base to Canada’s.  Although […]