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Would You Avoid Penny Stocks In Uncertain Times

This past summer has shown that markets can be very very volatile. Is doesn’t bode well for the Efficient Market hypothesis. There are a lot of professionals out there trying to figure out what everything is worth given all the economic news coming out from all corners of the globe, but at the end of […]

Let’s Talk Disclosure

If you’ve spent some quality time watching BNN like I have you will often notice that the advisors that they often have on their programs will disclose whether or not they own the investments that they’re talking about. This is an important thing to consider and is even more important when you look at penny […]

A Great Way To Manage Your Portfolio

I came across a really simple and useful Portfolio tracking spreadsheet.  I really like the risk profile setup it uses.  Risk management isn’t something I’ve talked a lot about here on the blog yet, but is extremely important, especially in Canadian penny stocks where things can be very risky. There will be posts about risk […]