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What you need to know about Rare Earth Elements

The earth plays host to many elements, of which some have been discovered while some are yet to be discovered. Many years ago, as man continued to explore and exploit his environment, he came to the discovery of some elements showing certain similar behaviors that distinguished them from other elementary elements, and they also propagate […]

Update On GWG

Followers of this blog know about Great Western Mineral Group and owners of the company have been very happy with the stock performance over the past 3 months. They have a consistent vision that they’re working towards and are positioned well to deliver on their vision and given the current price of oil, their timing […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Recap

This week’s recap of penny stock ideas brings up an essential foundation in any investment philosophy. And it’s always good to go back to basics even if you’re a seasoned pro. Just like the pros in baseball go for spring training, sometimes we as investors need to go back some basic lessons to keep ourselves […]