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What you need to know about Rare Earth Elements

The earth plays host to many elements, of which some have been discovered while some are yet to be discovered. Many years ago, as man continued to explore and exploit his environment, he came to the discovery of some elements showing certain similar behaviors that distinguished them from other elementary elements, and they also propagate […]

Update On GWG

Followers of this blog know about Great Western Mineral Group and owners of the company have been very happy with the stock performance over the past 3 months. They have a consistent vision that they’re working towards and are positioned well to deliver on their vision and given the current price of oil, their timing […]

A Look At 2011

Through this 3-part series, we have seen the performance of select penny stocks have been exceptional. Many of them performing above 100% in returns and most outperforming the overall stock market. Will the same hold true in 2011? The answer is certain and almost always yes. You just need to be able to figure out […]

A Rare Earth Element And A Company

One of the areas of small cap investing that has been highlighted on the Canadian penny stocks blog has been rare earth elements. There are many exploration and development companies that are traded on the Toronto Venture Exchange and looking for deposits of rare earth elements for various industrial uses. But often times the term […]

Positive Penny Stock Picks!

Hello everyone in penny stock investing land.  It was a positive day on the blog hitting two home run picks from yesterday.  There’s also two stocks on the move worth mentioning as well.  YNG.TO is up 46% since initially featured here on October 14th and should continue to be strong along with gold.  GWG.V had […]

Rare Earth Elements and How To Play It

If you have about 8 minutes take a look at this video discussing rare earth elements and how important they are to our economy. With this information you will really come to realize the opportunity with these rare earth elements and how investing many of these companies will be essential for you to profit from […]