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Canadian Penny Stocks February – Gold, Minerals, and internet service providers

We’re coming off of the Ontario Family Day holiday, and savvy investors are itching to get back into trading after a 3 day weekend. Let’s take a look at some penny stocks with the potential to explode: Tanzania Minerals Corp. (TZM-X 0.22) This minerals company is doing extremely well for itself lately. Canada’s diamond industry […]

Would You Avoid Penny Stocks In Uncertain Times

This past summer has shown that markets can be very very volatile. Is doesn’t bode well for the Efficient Market hypothesis. There are a lot of professionals out there trying to figure out what everything is worth given all the economic news coming out from all corners of the globe, but at the end of […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Review

The TSX is still marching towards recording setting territory. With the close this week at 14,252 the top in 2008 is close to 15,000. This leaves me thinking that we’re going to be seeing a correction soon. Fundamentally speaking, the stock market was inflated when it reached that level initially and the bubble burst, so […]

Penny Stocks Review

Overall negative performing week on the Toronto Stock Exchange, based a lot of the political instability of the Arab world. There are many Canadian resource companies operating in Libya for example that have been hit hard by these events. But for now we just hope that the loss of lives ends and there can be […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Update

A great overall week in trading Canadian markets. Most people holding on to their index funds must be happy to hear the news that we’re now trading at levels pre-recession. But we’re also hearing talk that it’s been too much recovery too fast on the stock market and the fundamentals don’t support the price. The […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Review

Hello everyone and welcome to another penny stock review post! This past week was a mixed bag performance on the markets with the week ending markedly lower. From a technical perspective the markets can still handle a few hundred points slide before hitting support levels, so the rough times may continue. As for our penny […]

Two Profitable Tech Trends To Watch (part 2)

Part 1 of this series covered a bit of the background on why tech based penny stocks present good potential for those with the risk appetite, but only briefly touched on the two trends that are really worth looking at this year. Mobile apps and social media. Apps: This slide really explains why apps are […]

Canadian Penny Stocks This Week

A great week to be an investor in Canadian stocks! A strong performance overall for the week, just a bit of a downer on Friday but nothing to worry too much about. Very interesting to look at the prices of the stocks that were mentioned last week. The green certainly out-weighing the red. There will […]

Discovering Gold Juniors

There’s been a lot talk around gold lately, but where is it going to next? The price of gold has come off of hits all-time highs and has many people looking to find support while others saying it’s the end of the gold bull run. They say it takes both sides to make a market […]

Let’s Talk Disclosure

If you’ve spent some quality time watching BNN like I have you will often notice that the advisors that they often have on their programs will disclose whether or not they own the investments that they’re talking about. This is an important thing to consider and is even more important when you look at penny […]