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The Discussion Returns To Canadian Penny Stocks Blog

Over the past couple months the comments have been disabled on the blog.  It wasn’t the ideal scenario since hearing from readers is a welcome part of the blog, but it was time to put a hold on it as the level of spam and moderation was at a pretty wild ratio.  Now we’re happy […]

Canadian Penny Stock Preview

It’s not hard to see that it’s a tough market to be investing in right now. The fluctuations are wild, the emotion and reaction to news headlines are far out weighing their financial impacts on the companies. It’s the best of investing times, it’s the worst of investing times. There are always places to make […]

Wednesday Penny Stock Preview

Have you heard anything about Google and China. Really interesting thing happening there with Google potentially pulling out of China or stopping the filtering of results they currently do. “In a surprising move that could affect its presence in a coveted, fast-growing international market, Google Inc. said Tuesday that it’s considering pulling out of China […]

Penny Stock Preview Tuesday Edition

What a great day to profit from the markets today.  We’ll again make it a quick pick type of day today. Yesterday’s Penny Stock Picks: KLA.V – $0.06 – Unchanged UTS.TO – Open $2.13 – Close $2.17 (+1.88%) What to watch tomorrow: BXI.V – $2.08 – Released its Q3 results today.  Check them out here […]

Festival of Stocks Feature

Greetings to all.  This is a brief message to let you know that the Canadian Penny Stocks blog is reaching out to the blogosphere and has a post participating in this week’s Stock Market Carnival hosted by The Financial Blogger.  Be sure to have a read. The Festival of Stocks The post featured from our […]

Monday Penny Stock Preview

Hey everyone investing out there.  This is going to be a quick penny stock preview.  Japan released stronger than expected growth numbers which should be interesting to see how the North American markets react tomorrow.  In the mean time here are some penny stocks to watch tomorrow: KLA.V – $0.06 UTS.TO – $2.13 Happy trading […]

Why I Blog About Penny Stocks…

Because blogging about personal finance is boring.  We can talk about RRSPs vs. TFSAs until the cows come home but it’s hard to care after a while.  It all just starts to repeat itself and the level of caring decreases after time.  The truth, however is that the majority of my investing dollars are invested […]

What Investment Vehicle Are You Driving?

This is a fun way to look at different types of stocks and relating them to vehicle.  Hopefully your investing garage has several different vehicles that will give you proper diversification.  Although your actual garage might only have one or maybe two cars, there’s no question that having a diversified investment garage of stocks is […]

Regular Random Readings

Something that isn’t done enough on the Canadian Penny Stocks blog is mentioning other blogs that I read on a regular basis.  They certainly are not about penny stocks and some aren’t even about investing but there are a ton of blogs in my RSS reader so I’ll start sharing them with you here. Intelligent […]

Penny Stock Preview For Friday

Gold at 1100?  No problem.  It’s only a stones throw away and has bumped up against it a couple of times.  In the overall stock market I still see strong support for the levels we see today.  But the big money is still being made in penny stocks.  One the readers of the Canadian Penny […]