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Canadian Penny Stocks Preview

So another downer day on the TSX with gold and oil going in the same direction. It will be interesting to watch gold tomorrow as the technical support level at $1100 may be tested and the next level is another $50 lower. Not good news for the index and it’s looking like it’s more bad […]

A Brand New 200% Penny Stock Performance

That’s right.  Although just the other day the Canadian Penny Stocks blog mentioned ELR.TO that is now up 228% since initially featured, we now have another 200% penny stock gainer.  Stem Cell Therapeutics announces great news and is now standing at 233% gain since initially featured on the blog.  Here’s a post entirely on Stem […]

A Stock Pick Up 200% In Our Midst

We are on board for another week of trading. Last week wasn’t all that great for the overall index slipping several hundred points. From a technical perspective it seems as though the TSX will hold strong above 11000 for now. The earnings reports out this week will either solidify that sentiment or rocket the market […]

Pre-Vacation Penny Stocks Picks

The Canadian Penny Stocks blog is going on hiatus for a couple of days. But that shouldn’t mean that you should stop making money on the stock market. In fact, if you’re playing the penny stock investing game, chances are that you are investing for the long term. There aren’t too many people day trading […]

Tuesday Penny Stock Preview

A great day for pushing forward in the overall stock market.  This is a late night post but here are a few stock ideas for tomorrow: ML.TO – $2.70 CMM.V – $0.425 Both stocks have had a great day but it’s good.  Century Mining Corp should be a company to follow this year. Century Mining […]

2010 Canadian Penny Stocks Preview

Are you ready for the first trading day of 2010?  It will no doubt be a challenging year and we shouldn’t expect to see another 30%-40% rise in the overall index like we did off of March lows in 2009.  The real question is if we start the year up or down. The Upside With […]

Canadian Penny Stocks In Review

Another strong day on the stock market however it’s interesting to note, and I’ve posted the question on Twitter that with talks of Bernanke winding down the stimulus programs, it shows the strength of the US economy which will drive the strength in the US Dollar.  However, the US economy will likely be affected by […]

The Canadian Penny Stocks Preview

Looks like there is some interesting large cap news out in the past couple of days.  The announcement of the Google Phone is really interesting.  The most interesting part about it is the unlocked availability, making the phone more easily switchable between carriers.  A great idea in my opinion, however we’ll see if it catches […]

Thursday Penny Stocks Preview

We were able to sneak out a little gain in the overall TSX even as gold and oil continue to retreat.  Expecting much more of the same for the remaining of the week. Because of this many of the small resources aren’t performing all that great which is why there’s always the alternative small cap […]

Penny Stocks Preview For Wednesday

Lots of downward motion in the stock markets this week as the correction continues.  Expecting more easing in the gold and oil prices this week unless there is some bullish inventory reports out.  I was sent a tweet that I really agree with.  What do you think? Picks for Monday: AVI.V – $0.09 – $0.085 […]