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Canadian Penny Stocks February – Gold, Minerals, and internet service providers

We’re coming off of the Ontario Family Day holiday, and savvy investors are itching to get back into trading after a 3 day weekend. Let’s take a look at some penny stocks with the potential to explode: Tanzania Minerals Corp. (TZM-X 0.22) This minerals company is doing extremely well for itself lately. Canada’s diamond industry […]

TSX Penny Stocks on the rise

I have noticed a few of the penny stocks that I have been watching are making big moves. Now that the threat of the European banks is being addressed I think more investors are putting more confidence in penny stocks and taking some bigger gambles. I have seen GREAT returns in a lot of the […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Week In Review

Another week of trading in the books. Were you actively trading or holding on through the fairly volatile on the Toronto Stock Exchange. There were some interesting things happen in the past little while. Steve Jobs taking another leave from Apple, Larry Page taking over as CEO of Google, and Jim Flaherty introducing tighter rules […]

Penny Stock Preview For The Week

It’s time to take a look at a few penny stocks that might be worth researching this week. For one reason or another these stocks have been on investors radars of late and could still see some interest in the coming week. That being said, even though a stock might have interest over the span […]

2010 Penny Stocks In Review: Part Two

On the Penny Stocks To Watch blog, there was a list of stocks that were mentioned for one reason or another.  As a yearend wrap-up let’s take a look at the performance of these stocks and, if bought at that time what kind of return would have resulted from there to year end. Symbol – […]

A 2000% Increase In This Penny Stock

If you’ve been following the Canadian Penny Stocks blog for some time now you’ve likely heard about Atac Resources. This company was initially featured a while back and was trading at $0.30. Well it’s always been a consistent performer and exemplifies the reason why penny stocks is so rewarding. When they hit, they hit big. […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Week Preview

Hey everyone.  We’re getting ready for another big week in the stock market.  Although it’s pretty flat in futures trading at the time of writing this we’ll see what happens this week.  It’s great that TSX is above 12,000.  There is always a psychological level to break through these big numbers and may become a […]

Canadian Penny Stock Movers

Nice day on the TSX with more green to start off March and the new week all at once.  Today’s focus will be on the volume makers of the Toronto Venture Exchange.  Volume doesn’t always mean big moves in prices, but it can mean that there is a lot of interest in the stock so […]

Last Time On The Canadian Penny Stocks Blog

On the last post here on the blog, the suggested stock to watch was Norwood Resources NRS.V.  As expected the sell off occurred and the stock is sitting around $0.06 which is far off of the close of $0.095.  It would never be in the nature of this blog to say buy this stock, but […]

Canadian Penny Stocks In Focus

Hello everyone and welcome to a profitable week in the world of penny stocks and the overall stock market. As was suggested by the previous post, we were testing the support levels of a longer term channel in the TSX. In most cases the support and resistance levels will be confirmed and the trend will […]