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Something that hasn’t often been done here on the Canadian Penny Stocks blog is a look back at some of the articles that you might have missed in the past that might be of interest to new readers of the site. While some of the posts are on related to stocks that are moving at […]

Is Now A Good Time For Penny Stocks?

With all of the volatility in the stock markets these days many investors are wondering just why they are investing in the stock market in the first place. Penny stocks are a land of true volatility, but when the entire market is reacting the same way is it time for you to consider an investment […]

Why I Blog About Penny Stocks…

Because blogging about personal finance is boring.  We can talk about RRSPs vs. TFSAs until the cows come home but it’s hard to care after a while.  It all just starts to repeat itself and the level of caring decreases after time.  The truth, however is that the majority of my investing dollars are invested […]

What This Canadian Penny Stocks Blog Is All About

It’s time to come clean about something and some of you might not like it.  Ready?  This site is not trying to scam you.  That’s right, this is totally unpaid, unbiased thoughts on Canadian penny stocks and sometimes a few other random musings.  Some of you may be thinking this is a weird thing to […]

Should Penny Stocks Be In Your Investment Strategy?

Welcome Festival of Stocks readers!  Have a read of this post.  If you like it, you might like reading “What Investment Vehicle Are You Driving?” and “Top 10 Rules For Investing In Penny Stocks“.  Enjoy! This blog may be about penny stocks but penny stock investing is not right for every type of investor.  That […]

Penny Stock Picks Preview For Monday

The market is going to take a hurt real bad on Monday, almost impossible for that not to happen with the CIT news. The good news is that penny stocks don’t necessarily fall under the same market sentiment as larger stocks and some stocks will surely be performing beyond the market this week. Here are […]

Margin Account Investing: Profiting With Other People’s Money

Margin account investing is a great way to really amp up the earnings of your portfolio without actually having to put more of your own money in.  You can borrow up to 70% of the value of an investing in a stock which means you only need to put up 30 cents on the dollar.  […]

Canadian Penny Stock Pick Profile (GWG.V)

A reader recently posed a question about stocks with Rare Earth Elements exposure so I went on an adventure to track down a few ideas and back on September 15th GWG.V was one to watch.  It turns out that it really was one to watch go up up up 0ver 40% since then.  During some […]