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Canadian Penny Stocks Week Preview

Hello everyone! Another week and more profits should continue as strong resource prices should see TSX above 12k.  That’s great news for most investors out there.  This past weekend has seen the Canadian Penny Stocks blog putting some finishing touches on its first little e-book.  It’s a teaser of what’s to come and what has […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Wednesday Preview

Going to be a quick update of the previous picks. The Canadian Penny Stocks blogger has been busy not posting and getting ready to release some great material on investing in penny stocks. It’s going to be an expanded version of the 10 Rules For Penny Stock Investing. You know the rules, but this is […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Preview

A serious week of ups and downs on the stock market the past week. In a previous post we had talked about bouncing off of support levels which the TSX indeed did and continued upwards however midway through the week the bounce off of support ended and back down the markets went but on Friday, […]

Penny Stock Investing Videos On YouTube

Happy 2010 investors! It’s great to have had such a wonderful vacation season and it’s not over yet.  The markets will be firing up again for the new year and many are expecting the markets to rise sharply as the cash that has been sidelined moves back into equities in the new year.  Given this […]