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2010 Penny Stocks In Review: Part Two

On the Penny Stocks To Watch blog, there was a list of stocks that were mentioned for one reason or another.  As a yearend wrap-up let’s take a look at the performance of these stocks and, if bought at that time what kind of return would have resulted from there to year end. Symbol – […]

The Year In Penny Stocks Review

The New Year is upon us! A new chapter will be written in the year 2011 as global economies struggle to claw out of the recession and see prosperous growth. The year overall was a positive one for markets. We now have the TSX at 2 year highs, gold setting records almost by the day, […]

Is The Canadian Securities Course For You?

If you’re just starting or a serious investor you might be considering taking the Canadian Securities Course. If you’re considering a career as a broker you’ll need this course, but what about you the individual trader? Does taking this course make you better prepared to handle the markets? Chances are, no. The fact however is […]

What Do You Do On A Down Market Day?

There are always going to be down days on the stock market. The reality is that with every up there’s a down lurking somewhere around the corner. Today was one of those days with the TSX and Dow dropping well over 100 points each. Is it time to pack it in, sell everything and head […]

Can You Buy Penny Stocks In A TFSA?

A Canadian Penny Stocks blog reader had a good question that might be of interest to other readers so I thought it would be a good chance to share it through a post. The question is simple: Can you buy penny stocks within a TFSA (Tax-Free Saving Account)? The short answer is Yes! That’s the […]

Survivorship Bias And Penny Stocks

Here at the Canadian penny stocks blog we’re always interested in seeing how stocks mentioned on the blog have performed. While there have been many stocks that didn’t perform well, and others performing exceptionally well (over 2000% now) it’s always great to look back and see some of the changes in prices. There is a […]

Straight A Trading With Questrade

The Canadian Penny Stocks Blog has reviewed Questrade before and has $50 of free trades on offer if you sign up through the link. But until November 30th, 2010, Questrade is sweetening the deal with a chance to win a professional stock trading course valued at $5000 (plus up to $2000 in airfare and accommodation). […]

Investing Is A Year Round Job

Whether you invest in penny stocks, blue chips, or government bonds, are you doing it year round or just during “RRSP season” in January/February. It’s my hope that you’re indeed looking at investing year round, month in and month out. While it’s a good thing to consider your investing goals only once or twice a […]

5 Questions You Must Ask Before Your Invest In A Stock

In investing most times you are your worst enemy. It’s a reality that most do-it-yourself investor have to accept. The buy and hold approach only works if you buy and hold. If you’re a day trader, it doesn’t work if you keep your trades going for longer than a day or two. Strategies are meant […]

Start Investing Now. Not Tomorrow.

That’s right, enough reading and studying. Stop procrastinating and start investing. The only way to truly get experience in the field of penny stock investing is to just go out there and do it. You may win some and you may lose some but having the experience with real money is truly the only way […]