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Would You Avoid Penny Stocks In Uncertain Times

This past summer has shown that markets can be very very volatile. Is doesn’t bode well for the Efficient Market hypothesis. There are a lot of professionals out there trying to figure out what everything is worth given all the economic news coming out from all corners of the globe, but at the end of […]

Tech stock among the biggest movers

Today’s markets were shaky as they continue to figure out the value and fallout from the Greek bailout and the jobless situation in the US. There’s certainly a flight to safety going on right now that has seen money flow out of equities and into US $ and treasuries. This has also had an impact […]

Is This One To Watch?

Silverquest Resources is a company that’s had some buzz as of late. It’s time for me to get down to business and doing some research on this Canadian penny stock. They’re working in the Yukon and are the 4th largest landholder. Here’s a youtube video that you may find interesting on getting started. SQI is […]

Have You Checked Out Picking Profitable Penny Stocks Yet?

The Picking Profitable Penny Stocks course has been out for a little while now. Have you checked it out yet? Head to right away if you haven’t and see what we’re going on about. It’s really tremendous value for money. If you’re already on the road to penny stock success and you’re just checking […]

Is Diversification Broken?

One of the most common phrases we hear in investing is that of diversification. It’s usually known as the only free lunch in investing, but there’s a lot more to it than that. In today’s economy is diversification still the answer? Now you can learn from a 10 page report that exposes the myth of […]

The Uses of Silver

Did you know that silver is a chemical element? Did you know that other minerals have to be added to ‘native silver’ or ‘silver ore’ to provide you with the silver that you are most familiar with? Silver is mined much like any other precious metal but the difference is, it doesn’t get pulled from […]

4 Reasons To Invest In February

You’ve started the year off with some great resolutions and are sticking with them. Good for you! Right? Just in case investing wasn’t on your New Year’s Resolution list, maybe February would be a good time to consider them. Here are 4 reasons that you might want to take February to look at your investing […]

The Discussion Returns To Canadian Penny Stocks Blog

Over the past couple months the comments have been disabled on the blog.  It wasn’t the ideal scenario since hearing from readers is a welcome part of the blog, but it was time to put a hold on it as the level of spam and moderation was at a pretty wild ratio.  Now we’re happy […]

What Does Dollar Parity Mean For Penny Stocks

The Canadian dollar is currently trading at or around parity to the US dollar. This is great for those interested in some outlet mall shopping south of the border, but what does it mean for you the penny stock investor? The answer, like always in investing is, “it depends.” That is the case in a […]

A Look At 2011

Through this 3-part series, we have seen the performance of select penny stocks have been exceptional. Many of them performing above 100% in returns and most outperforming the overall stock market. Will the same hold true in 2011? The answer is certain and almost always yes. You just need to be able to figure out […]