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Canadian Mining Interests Have Taken a Hit But Are Poised for Growth

Uncertainty and the volatility that followed during calendar 2011 shook the very foundations of investor confidence. Hedge fund managers witnessed one of their poorest performances on record, and financial markets gyrated when recovery plans stalled and the European debt crisis escalated into a higher stage of dysfunction. One industry that was hit particularly hard was […]

Discovering Gold Juniors

There’s been a lot talk around gold lately, but where is it going to next? The price of gold has come off of hits all-time highs and has many people looking to find support while others saying it’s the end of the gold bull run. They say it takes both sides to make a market […]

Survivorship Bias And Penny Stocks

Here at the Canadian penny stocks blog we’re always interested in seeing how stocks mentioned on the blog have performed. While there have been many stocks that didn’t perform well, and others performing exceptionally well (over 2000% now) it’s always great to look back and see some of the changes in prices. There is a […]

Penny Stock Profile: Canaco Resources Inc.

This is another company early on in the stages of development but by watching the video below you will see the possibility that exists with this company in Tanzania. Hitting the tip of the iceberg could mean big moves for this company once the finds are made and based on news releases they may actually […]

Two Golden Penny Stock Picks

With Gold being the focus of many investors we need to find a few gold picks in the penny stock game that would be worth looking in to.  There are many charting aspects to look at that could take gold much higher or have it stabilize above $1000.  Either of which will be a great […]