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Canadian Penny Stock Pick Spotlight (MAA.TO)

Many of the posts here at the Canadian Penny Stocks blog will give you a few stock ideas and allow you to begin your due diligence yourself.  This is great because no one should be investing their money based on someone elses opinion.  But occasionally we will focus more attention on a specific company and […]

The Canadian Stock Picks Week In Review

The overall markets headed down this past week, which was necessary and I suspect we can see more of the selling pressure this coming week unless some of the economic indicators being reported give some really good news to prop the market up again.  With gold trading below $1000 again this might put the psychological […]

Friday Penny Stock Previews

The Canadian Penny Stocks blog was bang on in yesterday’s post.  The selloff of the general market continued and we had two positive stock picks.  Friday’s outlook will likely be flat and have low volumes so I’m not expecting big moves in either direction tomorrow. Yesterday’s Picks: BXI.V – Open $1.32 – Close $1.40 (+6.06%) […]

Thursday Penny Stock Preview

Today had the Fed holding steady on interest rates which was probably the worst kept secret on the market. After the release of the news the markets broke upward but quickly corrected and ended in negative territory. I suspect that the sell off will continue tomorrow. Hopefully we can keep the trading above 11,400, otherwise […]

Wednesday Penny Stock Picks

This market is strong and keeps on going.  Another big day on the TSX.  Hopefully we’re all making money at it too.  The one stock I want to tell you about is Mercator Minerals.  Not so long ago I had a post picking ML.TO to move higher and it has breached that $3.00 level.  It […]

Friday Canadian Stock Pick Preview

Hope this week was a serious butt-kicking week for everyone out there on the markets.  The markets did fall through the day today, and our MAA pick did as well, but it doesn’t concern me.  Truth be told, I’m waiting for another down day tomorrow to add to the position somewhere below $0.60.   There’s more […]

Thursday’s Penny Stock Preview

We took the good with the bad today with the picks from yesterday.  The overall index is still strong and it looks like gold is still hanging its head above 1000.  This is good news for the resource heavy Canadian stock markets that we like following here on the Canadian Penny Stocks blog.  Looking for […]

Wednesday Penny Stock Preview

A good day on the markets overall.  The rally roars on through the midpoint of September.  It’s great for those with money invested in the market, but for those on the sidelines is it a good idea to buy in?  In the large caps perhaps but there’s always big movers in penny stocks.  With research […]

Tuesday Penny Stock Preview

Welcome to the Tuesday preview edition of the Penny Stock Preview.  It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper penny stock picking program and it’s long overdue!  So with the summer rally extending well into September we’ve brought back levels in the TSX not seen since last fall before the big blowout.  The interesting […]

Two Golden Penny Stock Picks

With Gold being the focus of many investors we need to find a few gold picks in the penny stock game that would be worth looking in to.  There are many charting aspects to look at that could take gold much higher or have it stabilize above $1000.  Either of which will be a great […]