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A Brand New 200% Penny Stock Performance

That’s right.  Although just the other day the Canadian Penny Stocks blog mentioned ELR.TO that is now up 228% since initially featured, we now have another 200% penny stock gainer.  Stem Cell Therapeutics announces great news and is now standing at 233% gain since initially featured on the blog.  Here’s a post entirely on Stem […]

Wednesday Penny Stock Preview

Have you heard anything about Google and China. Really interesting thing happening there with Google potentially pulling out of China or stopping the filtering of results they currently do. “In a surprising move that could affect its presence in a coveted, fast-growing international market, Google Inc. said Tuesday that it’s considering pulling out of China […]

Back In Action Penny Stock Preview

We’re back in action with Canadian Penny Stocks this week. A long weekend in the financial capital of the world was a great way to recharge the batteries and continue on the financial journey of success this year. It looks like January is leaning towards being another up month. Many of the market analyst are […]

Friday Penny Stock Preview

A bit of a mixed performance today on the stock market, but the earnings from Google handily beat the street which was good to see for those large cap investors.  But we’re interested in profiting from Canadian Penny Stocks.  And yesterday’s picks would have made you big money!  Tomorrow I would expect a down day […]

Thursday Penny Stock Preview

Another crazy bull day on the stock market and the Canadian dollar screaming towards parity once again.  Oil is commodity running its way up today.  The biggest news is south of the border though with the Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting 10,000 today which is an important psychological level.  There are rumours of up to […]

Fastest Friday Penny Stock Preview On Record

This is an ultra quick update: UUU.TO up 5.45% PRZ.V down 15% What to Watch Tomorrow: AIX.V – $0.08 TUE.V – $0.295 Technorati Tags: canadian penny stocks, canadian stock picks, penny stock picks

Monday Penny Stock Pick Preview

Hope everyone had a happy healthy weekend and are ready to get back on to the investment gravy train again this week.  Although it might be tough to make a buck with the overall market struggling to maintain bullish ground.  We’ll likely open the week soft and hopefully end off the week around where we […]

Friday Penny Stock Preview

What a downer of a day on the markets.  The bears were able to shed over 300 points off of the TSX.  Our picks from yesterday were hit accordingly.  The overall market fell through some support levels so we’ll see what happens tomorrow but down again is quite likely.  The interesting thing to note is […]

Canadian Penny Stocks To Look For

What a wild ride on the TSX today.  Down, up, down and flat after all of it.  It seems to be like the bears are trying to take over but the bulls seem to fight back everyday.  It’s interesting to note given the GDP numbers for July weren’t all that great. So let’s look at […]

Wednesday Penny Stock Preview

We killed it with Atac Resources Ltd.!  The initial feature stock pick was mentioned in June at $0.30 and they just received great drilling results and has the stock sitting at $0.81.  For those of you playing at home that’s a 170% return. Returns like this are the reason that people keep coming back to […]