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The Europe Story Isn’t Over Yet

I must admit that I get a kick out of watching Jim Cramer. The flashy entertainment often makes for an amusing time while eating supper. I came across this video today from Jim Cramer talking about Europe and his statement was actually really something that is worth listening to. Some part of Europe will collapse […]

Canadian Stock Market Outlook for May

A lot of sentiment is saying that May is going to be a down month for the stock market and while it may be true, we should take a look at the technicals to see if the match up with the fundamental weakness that is permeating the emotions of investors. Both in the short term […]

TSX Downtrend In Focus

More downward motion in the stock markets over the past week. There was a lot of good news released during the week but the few misses were enough to scare off investors. I haven’t done any technical analysis on the site here in a while so I thought that with this clear trend downward we […]