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Canadian Penny Stocks to Watch in 2012

I found a great resource for penny stocks to watch and thought I would share it with my readers. The original article was for small cap stocks, however since my blog is for penny stocks I removed anything trading over $1 and compiled a nice list of 2012 Canadian penny stocks to watch Yukon-Nevada Gold […]

TSX Penny Stocks on the rise

I have noticed a few of the penny stocks that I have been watching are making big moves. Now that the threat of the European banks is being addressed I think more investors are putting more confidence in penny stocks and taking some bigger gambles. I have seen GREAT returns in a lot of the […]

Monday’s Penny Stocks Preview

Hope the weekend was a great one for all you investors.  After writing one the CSI exams on Friday I was ready to take a day or two off to think about things non-stock related but couldn’t help but go check out Capitalism: A Love Story.  Entertaining movie but as with most of those Moore […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Tuesday Preview

Well I guess the bulls had no problem taking charge today on the overall market and had the TSX close above the psychological 11,000 level.   An interesting article at suggests that Australia may be raising interest rates.  This will certainly be something to watch as Canada’s economy is very similar in that they are […]