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Is The Canadian Securities Course For You?

If you’re just starting or a serious investor you might be considering taking the Canadian Securities Course. If you’re considering a career as a broker you’ll need this course, but what about you the individual trader? Does taking this course make you better prepared to handle the markets? Chances are, no. The fact however is […]

What Do You Do On A Down Market Day?

There are always going to be down days on the stock market. The reality is that with every up there’s a down lurking somewhere around the corner. Today was one of those days with the TSX and Dow dropping well over 100 points each. Is it time to pack it in, sell everything and head […]

Google Domestic Trends And The Economy

I recorded a video to show how the trend in search for US markets. It’s interesting to see where the steady decline in almost all areas of the searchscape. Many of the volume correlate closely to seasonal and news driven events. When the great recession settled in, the results were noticeable however there is little […]

Canadian Stock Market Analysis

The stock market of the past week has shown some strength and is close to breaking through a 6 month high. Does this mean it’s time to invest or time to unload. The answer, as often in investing, is it depends. In the short term it looks like there will be enough resistance and shift […]

TSX Market Technical Outlook

This past week on the Toronto Stock Exchange was a positive one. But is it staying that way? Let’s take a look at some basic technical analysis to see if it is. The week closed a 3 month high and broke through the resistance level. All signs are pointing to a continuing trend upward until […]

Canada: Land of Penny Stock Opportunities

Canada is truly a land of penny stock opportunities. This is the primary reason why this blog makes Canadian penny stocks its primary focus. There are several reasons why Canada, above all other countries makes it a great opportunity to make large profits from small investments. Of course, with high reward comes high risk, but […]

5 Questions You Must Ask Before Your Invest In A Stock

In investing most times you are your worst enemy. It’s a reality that most do-it-yourself investor have to accept. The buy and hold approach only works if you buy and hold. If you’re a day trader, it doesn’t work if you keep your trades going for longer than a day or two. Strategies are meant […]

Start Investing Now. Not Tomorrow.

That’s right, enough reading and studying. Stop procrastinating and start investing. The only way to truly get experience in the field of penny stock investing is to just go out there and do it. You may win some and you may lose some but having the experience with real money is truly the only way […]

Is Now A Good Time For Penny Stocks?

With all of the volatility in the stock markets these days many investors are wondering just why they are investing in the stock market in the first place. Penny stocks are a land of true volatility, but when the entire market is reacting the same way is it time for you to consider an investment […]

OTC Markets And The Canadian Advantage

In an attempt to continue to bring some multimedia to the Canadian Penny Stocks blog most of this post takes the form of a YouTube video. Over on the twitter there was mention of trading penny stocks on the OTC markets in the US versus trading on the TSX Venture Exchange. It’s an interesting subject […]