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Margin Account Investing: Profiting With Other People’s Money

We’re digging into the CPS archives to bring back a few posts that you might have missed. These archives are ones that have been particularly popular. Hope you enjoy. Margin account investing is a great way to really amp up the earnings of your portfolio without actually having to put more of your own money […]

Would You Avoid Penny Stocks In Uncertain Times

This past summer has shown that markets can be very very volatile. Is doesn’t bode well for the Efficient Market hypothesis. There are a lot of professionals out there trying to figure out what everything is worth given all the economic news coming out from all corners of the globe, but at the end of […]

10 Ways Not To Pick Stocks

10. You’ve seen the ad on BNN. You know the ones we’re talking about. Those canned 30 second spots that has a clip of a mine, and a brief interview with the CEO saying good things. While they might be true, it’s up to you to figure that out. Don’t invest only on what you […]

Should Penny Stocks Be In Your Investment Strategy?

We’re digging into the CPS archives to bring back a few posts that you might have missed. These archives are ones that have been particularly popular. Hope you enjoy. This blog may be about penny stocks but penny stock investing is not right for every type of investor. That being said, it may be worth […]

Internet Investing Readings

A few interesting reads around the internet today. Ocassionally on the Canadian Penny Stocks blog there will be a post of some readings elsewhere on the internet. Some are directly about penny stocks, investing, and money, while others might be a little off topic but hope to strike some interest for you. Investopedia has an […]

Are You Picking Profitable Penny Stocks?

The Canadian Penny Stocks blog is proud to announce the release of our latest project: The website has launched its very first product: Picking Profitable Penny Stocks video training course. The course features over 3 hours of solid investing information that is critical to investing success in penny stocks. This course goes deeper into […]

TSX Technically Worrisome

The past 5 days have been pretty rough on stock markets. Fundamentally, the chaos in Libya is causing a lot of uncertainty in the investing community so money is getting taking off the table. At the same time the Toronto Stock Exchange was reaching a resistance level as you’ll see in the chart below. For […]

Two Profitable Tech Trends To Watch (part 2)

Part 1 of this series covered a bit of the background on why tech based penny stocks present good potential for those with the risk appetite, but only briefly touched on the two trends that are really worth looking at this year. Mobile apps and social media. Apps: This slide really explains why apps are […]

Are Gold Prices Tied To Egypt?

Despite what is happening in Egypt and the Arab world, gold hasn’t moved any higher. This would cause a great deal of concern for the gold bugs and people bullish on gold. Adam Hewison has a great explanation of why gold is where it is and where it is going. It’s firmly grounded in technical […]

Let’s Talk Disclosure

If you’ve spent some quality time watching BNN like I have you will often notice that the advisors that they often have on their programs will disclose whether or not they own the investments that they’re talking about. This is an important thing to consider and is even more important when you look at penny […]