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A 2000% Increase In This Penny Stock

If you’ve been following the Canadian Penny Stocks blog for some time now you’ve likely heard about Atac Resources. This company was initially featured a while back and was trading at $0.30. Well it’s always been a consistent performer and exemplifies the reason why penny stocks is so rewarding. When they hit, they hit big. […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Update

A quick update on the stocks mentioned yesterday. The overall stock market had another strong showing. A couple more strong days would put it in an uptrend but for it’s not enough to consider it a firm footing to a move higher right now. VMS Ventures Inc (VMS.V) $0.22 – Close $0.24 (+9.09%) Blue Note […]

Triple Digits Gains On TSX?

The volatility remains on the stock market. A wild ride after Monday’s sell off. It’s difficult times for investors but nevertheless in the penny stock market there is always companies moving on their own news more so than that of the general market. Here are two companies to take a look at tomorrow: VMS Ventures […]

Canadian Penny Stock Preview

It’s not hard to see that it’s a tough market to be investing in right now. The fluctuations are wild, the emotion and reaction to news headlines are far out weighing their financial impacts on the companies. It’s the best of investing times, it’s the worst of investing times. There are always places to make […]

Penny Stock Profile: Canaco Resources Inc.

This is another company early on in the stages of development but by watching the video below you will see the possibility that exists with this company in Tanzania. Hitting the tip of the iceberg could mean big moves for this company once the finds are made and based on news releases they may actually […]

Penny Stock Update (SSS.V)

One of the companies followed here at the Canadian Penny Stocks blog is Stem Cell Therapeutics (SSS.V).  They have recently announced their year end and here are few keys takeaways and what the management had to say: Operating Highlights from 2009 and the period ending April 13, 2010: Presented positive final results for the BETAS […]

Making Money With Canadian Penny Stocks

Century Mining is killing it.  Have you been following it at the Canadian Penny Stocks blog?  On March 24 we posted a penny stock profile on the company and it was trading around $0.45 and broke out in early April and is now $0.63. But in October of 2009 we mentioned the stock at $0.185. […]

Penny Stock Profile: Maple Leaf Reforestation

This is a brand new penny stock being mentioned here on the blog.  This stock has been bouncing around a bit over the past 3 months but steadily in an uptrend.  Although purely speculative, some are saying $1.00 in 12 months.  Of course all penny stocks are speculative.  Due Diligence always. About the Company Maple […]

Penny Stock Profile: Century Mining Corporation

Century Mining Corporation is a Canada-based gold producer with its principal mining operation in San Juan, Arequipa, Peru (San Juan Mine) and a major mining project (Lamaque) ready for start-up in Val d’Or, Quebec. The Company is also engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of mineral properties and mining assets with a focus on […]

Penny Stock Profile: Southern Pacific Resources

Ticker: STP.V Southern Pacific Resource Corp. (Southern) is a junior company engaged in the development, exploration and production of in-situ oil sands in northern Alberta and the development and production of conventional petroleum and natural gas in Western Canada. On March 4, 2009, the Company completed the acquisition of Rochester Energy Corp. (Rochester). Rochester holds […]