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Canadian Penny Stocks February – Gold, Minerals, and internet service providers

We’re coming off of the Ontario Family Day holiday, and savvy investors are itching to get back into trading after a 3 day weekend. Let’s take a look at some penny stocks with the potential to explode: Tanzania Minerals Corp. (TZM-X 0.22) This minerals company is doing extremely well for itself lately. Canada’s diamond industry […]

Hot New Penny Stocks for Feb 6-12!

Looking for penny stocks to pick in February 2012? Here is some exciting news likely to drive up these penny stocks and turn you a profit. Small gold and minerals companies are doing very well lately, with new drills successfully locating large, profit-inciting reserves. Since commodities like minerals are a safer investment than tech stock, […]

Gold Stocks Continue to Make Gains – PMV appears strong

With the gold stocks continuing to show strength it may be a good time to look at some junior positions in small cap gold stocks. If you are a penny stock investor I am sure you know that the gold mines are a dime a dozen, but also some of the most exciting stocks to […]

Ucore Rare Metals CVE:UCU is spiking unexpectedly today

To the surprise of many penny stock investors the stock UCU or Ucore Rare metals is spiking, going from 50 cents to 56 cents in just a few hours. That is a one day gain of 13% so far. Recent news from Market Watch suggests that Ucore was in the Chinese spotlight as they clamped […]

TSX Penny Stocks on the rise

I have noticed a few of the penny stocks that I have been watching are making big moves. Now that the threat of the European banks is being addressed I think more investors are putting more confidence in penny stocks and taking some bigger gambles. I have seen GREAT returns in a lot of the […]

Is This One To Watch?

Silverquest Resources is a company that’s had some buzz as of late. It’s time for me to get down to business and doing some research on this Canadian penny stock. They’re working in the Yukon and are the 4th largest landholder. Here’s a youtube video that you may find interesting on getting started. SQI is […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Blog Update

Yes! There’s been a shortage of penny stock updates in the past couple of weeks. Although for the most part I’ve not let other commitments interfere with the updates on this site, they did. With good reason though as all of the energy is being put towards a start up company that may some day […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Review

The TSX is still marching towards recording setting territory. With the close this week at 14,252 the top in 2008 is close to 15,000. This leaves me thinking that we’re going to be seeing a correction soon. Fundamentally speaking, the stock market was inflated when it reached that level initially and the bubble burst, so […]

Penny Stocks Review

Overall negative performing week on the Toronto Stock Exchange, based a lot of the political instability of the Arab world. There are many Canadian resource companies operating in Libya for example that have been hit hard by these events. But for now we just hope that the loss of lives ends and there can be […]

2010 Penny Stocks In Review: Part Two

On the Penny Stocks To Watch blog, there was a list of stocks that were mentioned for one reason or another.  As a yearend wrap-up let’s take a look at the performance of these stocks and, if bought at that time what kind of return would have resulted from there to year end. Symbol – […]