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The Happy Valentines Penny Stocks

Well Happy Valentines Day to all of you penny stock investors out there. Hopefully this is another day where you’re able to spend time with your loved ones and share with them your time and kind words. So after you’ve done that I’ve just a got a quick little message about investing in penny stocks, […]

Top 10 Rules For Investing In Penny Stocks

Investing can be a tricky game of big wins and big losses.  Controlling your emotions and money management are essential in any investing regiment.  However, investing in penny stocks can add even more elements to recognize in yourself, your trading patterns, and the companies you’re purchasing.  If you have any rules that you use please […]

Simple, Practical Ways to Transform Your Difficult Trading Emotions and Improve Your Trading Overnight

As traders we’ve chosen an intense profession, one with a very high potential for stress. The simple act of putting our money on the line, with an uncertain outcome, creates an emotional force which we need to know how to handle. If we don’t, the emotional excitement of fear, euphoria, anger, disappointment, and other intense […]

How To Use Money Management Stops Effectively

Stops are enormously important part of a traders arsenal of trading tools. Some traders confirm that stops are the most important part of their trading armour. So here are three ways to use stops to protect your capital and lock in profits from a trade. These three money management techniques can be used in stock, […]

A Great Way To Manage Your Portfolio

I came across a really simple and useful Portfolio tracking spreadsheet.  I really like the risk profile setup it uses.  Risk management isn’t something I’ve talked a lot about here on the blog yet, but is extremely important, especially in Canadian penny stocks where things can be very risky. There will be posts about risk […]