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Investing With iPhone Apps

Do you have an iPhone? If so, then you have, in the palm of your hand, a great platform for building up the information you need to know to be a successful investor. There are a lot of business and finance apps available for the iPhone both paid and free. While the paid applications generally […]

The Europe Story Isn’t Over Yet

I must admit that I get a kick out of watching Jim Cramer. The flashy entertainment often makes for an amusing time while eating supper. I came across this video today from Jim Cramer talking about Europe and his statement was actually really something that is worth listening to. Some part of Europe will collapse […]

Penny Stock News

The great thing about following the penny stock market is that there is never a shortage of news to go through.  Here are a couple of news releases from the past week that you might find interesting.   If you have any more, leave a comment here! San Gold Corporation Announces Closing of $26 Million “Bought […]

Questrade Discount Broker Review and $50

If you’re a trader of penny stocks you’ll really appreciate the amount of money that can be sucked away by commissions, on large lots of stock.  With some of the larger brokerages you could be paying $100 or more in commissions and ECN fees.  If you’re not looking at cheaper alternatives, then you should be […]

What This Canadian Penny Stocks Blog Is All About

It’s time to come clean about something and some of you might not like it.  Ready?  This site is not trying to scam you.  That’s right, this is totally unpaid, unbiased thoughts on Canadian penny stocks and sometimes a few other random musings.  Some of you may be thinking this is a weird thing to […]

Should Penny Stocks Be In Your Investment Strategy?

Welcome Festival of Stocks readers!  Have a read of this post.  If you like it, you might like reading “What Investment Vehicle Are You Driving?” and “Top 10 Rules For Investing In Penny Stocks“.  Enjoy! This blog may be about penny stocks but penny stock investing is not right for every type of investor.  That […]

Margin Account Investing: Profiting With Other People’s Money

Margin account investing is a great way to really amp up the earnings of your portfolio without actually having to put more of your own money in.  You can borrow up to 70% of the value of an investing in a stock which means you only need to put up 30 cents on the dollar.  […]

Balance Sheet Breakdown: Assets (Part 2)

The Balance Sheet Breakdown is a four part series on understanding each section of the balance sheet that is provided by public companies.  By understanding the balance sheet, you will have a gauge of the financial health of the company and whether or not it is a sound investment for you.  Start out with Part […]

Three Canadian Stock Picks

BUK.V – Bridge Resources Corp. Bridge Resources Corp. is a Canada-based company. The Company is engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development, production, and marketing of petroleum and natural gas. The Company holds 100% interest in eight offshore exploration blocks located in the Southern Gas Area, and 100% interest in two offshore exploration blocks in […]

John Bogle On Expectations Of Returns

Here’s part two of Morningstar’s interview with John Bogle.  During this section he discusses the returns of the market.  It’s interesting that overall markets returns can be substantially lower than small caps moving their way.  For safe returns ETFs are fine, but for explosive growth, it’s hard not to look at small caps. Technorati Tags: […]