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Should You Be Building A Portfolio Of Penny Stocks?

For most investors out there penny stocks are usually a long shot taking up a small percentage of their portfolios while there are others who are swinging for the fences and fully invested in the grandslam wealth creation approach. I’m not judging you on where you’re at; everyone has their own level of risk tolerance. […]

Margin Account Investing: Profiting With Other People’s Money

We’re digging into the CPS archives to bring back a few posts that you might have missed. These archives are ones that have been particularly popular. Hope you enjoy. Margin account investing is a great way to really amp up the earnings of your portfolio without actually having to put more of your own money […]

Sell In May And Go Away

There is a saying on Wall Street; sell in May and go away. While this is an old saying, it’s rarely one that is practiced by most investors. This would have been a good year to do just that. Taking a look at the charts and it’s clear that this seasonal effect was in full […]

Internet Investing Readings

A few interesting reads around the internet today. Ocassionally on the Canadian Penny Stocks blog there will be a post of some readings elsewhere on the internet. Some are directly about penny stocks, investing, and money, while others might be a little off topic but hope to strike some interest for you. Investopedia has an […]

Have You Checked Out Picking Profitable Penny Stocks Yet?

The Picking Profitable Penny Stocks course has been out for a little while now. Have you checked it out yet? Head to right away if you haven’t and see what we’re going on about. It’s really tremendous value for money. If you’re already on the road to penny stock success and you’re just checking […]

Two Profitable Tech Trends To Watch (part 1)

There are a lot of different industries to invest in small companies. The majority of the ones featured on the Canadian Penny Stocks blog are resource based. It makes sense, Canada is a resource rich country. But there’s another group of stocks that have been quietly lurking in penny stock land and while there have […]

4 Reasons To Invest In February

You’ve started the year off with some great resolutions and are sticking with them. Good for you! Right? Just in case investing wasn’t on your New Year’s Resolution list, maybe February would be a good time to consider them. Here are 4 reasons that you might want to take February to look at your investing […]

What Does Dollar Parity Mean For Penny Stocks

The Canadian dollar is currently trading at or around parity to the US dollar. This is great for those interested in some outlet mall shopping south of the border, but what does it mean for you the penny stock investor? The answer, like always in investing is, “it depends.” That is the case in a […]

2010 Penny Stocks In Review: Part Two

On the Penny Stocks To Watch blog, there was a list of stocks that were mentioned for one reason or another.  As a yearend wrap-up let’s take a look at the performance of these stocks and, if bought at that time what kind of return would have resulted from there to year end. Symbol – […]

Can You Buy Penny Stocks In A TFSA?

A Canadian Penny Stocks blog reader had a good question that might be of interest to other readers so I thought it would be a good chance to share it through a post. The question is simple: Can you buy penny stocks within a TFSA (Tax-Free Saving Account)? The short answer is Yes! That’s the […]