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Penny Stock Profile: Lakeside Steel

Lakeside Steel is an oil and gas play however they are what many savvy investors look at are the ones making money regardless of the profitability of the companies trying to discover the stuff. They are in the oil and gas services industry. They are manufacturing pipe and mechanical tubing products. Currently they are based […]

Is This One To Watch?

Silverquest Resources is a company that’s had some buzz as of late. It’s time for me to get down to business and doing some research on this Canadian penny stock. They’re working in the Yukon and are the 4th largest landholder. Here’s a youtube video that you may find interesting on getting started. SQI is […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Blog Update

Yes! There’s been a shortage of penny stock updates in the past couple of weeks. Although for the most part I’ve not let other commitments interfere with the updates on this site, they did. With good reason though as all of the energy is being put towards a start up company that may some day […]

Weekly Stocks Roundup

A short week in the trading books this week so does that mean one day less to profit or are we saving ourselves from an another day of losses? The overall TSX edged higher this past week while gold is hanging out above $1500/oz and oil comfortably above the $110/barrel level. Not good for those […]

Canadian Penny Stocks This Week

This past week had the TSX taking a sizable haircut of 400 points over the week. This past week though the Canadian Penny stocks blog did share part 1 of a list of Rare Earth stocks to consider. Only those on the mailing received it though. Don’t fret though, I’ll be emailing out part 2 […]

Penny Stocks To Watch This Week

This pas week had some mixed performances but oil, gold and the Canadian dollar continue to again be stories to watch. Something that will be very interesting to watch this week is the fallout from the New York Stock Exchange rejecting the bid from NASDAQ in favor of support the Deutsche Boerse. Here are last […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Update

Another 5-day trading week where stocks moved higher. What’s more is the Canadian dollar, oil, and gold all putting in solid performances as well. What does this mean for penny stocks? There are many Canadian penny stocks that focus on gold and oil. These will be your primary area of focus. The additional consideration however […]

Canadian Penny Stocks To Watch

This week’s recap and stocks to watch is going to be a quick one. Headquarters of the Canadian Penny Stocks blog has moved over the weekend and there are a lot of unpacked boxes still left to be opened. Here are the stocks from last week: CTW.V – $0.93 – $0.78 SNM.V – $0.92 – […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Update

In the last penny stocks update there were 5 penny stock ideas as opposed to the usual 3. All of the stocks featured had an outstanding performance the week prior and it was a bit of a short term experiment to see if taking those stocks and seeing if gains could be added on in […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Update

This past week was a rough one on the stock market without question and the penny stocks mentioned here took some pain as well. So let’s get straight to the pain: SLX.V – $0.98 – $0.85 (-13%) WPX.TO – $1.46 – $1.27 (-13%) BIO.V – $1.60 – $1.50 (-6%) Down turns can be a good […]