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Canadian Penny Stocks Blog Update

Yes! There’s been a shortage of penny stock updates in the past couple of weeks. Although for the most part I’ve not let other commitments interfere with the updates on this site, they did. With good reason though as all of the energy is being put towards a start up company that may some day […]

The Uses of Silver

Did you know that silver is a chemical element? Did you know that other minerals have to be added to ‘native silver’ or ‘silver ore’ to provide you with the silver that you are most familiar with? Silver is mined much like any other precious metal but the difference is, it doesn’t get pulled from […]

Weekly Stocks Roundup

A short week in the trading books this week so does that mean one day less to profit or are we saving ourselves from an another day of losses? The overall TSX edged higher this past week while gold is hanging out above $1500/oz and oil comfortably above the $110/barrel level. Not good for those […]

What you need to know about Rare Earth Elements

The earth plays host to many elements, of which some have been discovered while some are yet to be discovered. Many years ago, as man continued to explore and exploit his environment, he came to the discovery of some elements showing certain similar behaviors that distinguished them from other elementary elements, and they also propagate […]

Canadian Penny Stocks To Watch

This week’s recap and stocks to watch is going to be a quick one. Headquarters of the Canadian Penny Stocks blog has moved over the weekend and there are a lot of unpacked boxes still left to be opened. Here are the stocks from last week: CTW.V – $0.93 – $0.78 SNM.V – $0.92 – […]

Canadian Penny Stock: Catch the Wind Ltd

Catch the Wind develops and manufactures laser based wind sensor systems with a primary focus on developing technology to serve the wind power generation industry. Their goal is to be the leader in fiber-optic laser technology in the wind energy industry. They want to make a cleaner, more productive world, which isn’t a bad thing. […]

Are You Picking Profitable Penny Stocks?

The Canadian Penny Stocks blog is proud to announce the release of our latest project: The website has launched its very first product: Picking Profitable Penny Stocks video training course. The course features over 3 hours of solid investing information that is critical to investing success in penny stocks. This course goes deeper into […]

Canadian Penny Stocks Update

This past week was a rough one on the stock market without question and the penny stocks mentioned here took some pain as well. So let’s get straight to the pain: SLX.V – $0.98 – $0.85 (-13%) WPX.TO – $1.46 – $1.27 (-13%) BIO.V – $1.60 – $1.50 (-6%) Down turns can be a good […]

Biosign Technologies (BIO.V)

One of the penny stocks to watch this week is Biosign Technologies. So what are they up to? Biosign is in the health monitoring business. Worth considering looking at the demographics of North Americans. Their main product is the Ufit system. Overall the stock is off of its high so it remains to be seen […]

Two Profitable Tech Trends To Watch (part 2)

Part 1 of this series covered a bit of the background on why tech based penny stocks present good potential for those with the risk appetite, but only briefly touched on the two trends that are really worth looking at this year. Mobile apps and social media. Apps: This slide really explains why apps are […]