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5 Questions You Must Ask Before Your Invest In A Stock

In investing most times you are your worst enemy. It’s a reality that most do-it-yourself investor have to accept. The buy and hold approach only works if you buy and hold. If you’re a day trader, it doesn’t work if you keep your trades going for longer than a day or two. Strategies are meant […]

Can You Really Make Money With Penny Stocks

It’s a question worth asking yourself every now and then. Can you really make money with penny stocks? This type of stock is often associated with junk status and rife with scammers and never an opportunity to make an honest dollar. This blog really doesn’t subscribe to the scammer mentality and believes that there are […]

The Happy Valentines Penny Stocks

Well Happy Valentines Day to all of you penny stock investors out there. Hopefully this is another day where you’re able to spend time with your loved ones and share with them your time and kind words. So after you’ve done that I’ve just a got a quick little message about investing in penny stocks, […]

Stock Market Investing Formula: The Most Important One Of All

There’s a lot of investing noise out there.  Chances are that you’ve heard a lot of jargon when dealing with financial professionals or listening to CNBC.  While it does offer useful insight to those in the know, they sometimes leave out what really matters.  The basic way of comparing two companies side by side.  Price […]

On Google Domestic Trends

Have you heard of Google Domestic Trends?  It’s a pretty cool tool offered by the Google Finance team.  The Google Domestic Trends tracks Google search results relating to specific sectors of the economy.  It’s currently only focused on the US market, however since they still remain Canada’s largest trading partner, it is still very useful […]

What Investment Vehicle Are You Driving?

This is a fun way to look at different types of stocks and relating them to vehicle.  Hopefully your investing garage has several different vehicles that will give you proper diversification.  Although your actual garage might only have one or maybe two cars, there’s no question that having a diversified investment garage of stocks is […]

Am I Acting Rich?

Recently there was a post on the Simple Dollar about a book review for Stop Acting Rich.  The post really got me thinking about being rich, acting rich and thinking rich.  I thought I would comment on it a bit here.  Am I acting rich?  It seems that according to this article I’m acting rich; […]

Rare Earth Elements and How To Play It

If you have about 8 minutes take a look at this video discussing rare earth elements and how important they are to our economy. With this information you will really come to realize the opportunity with these rare earth elements and how investing many of these companies will be essential for you to profit from […]

Penny Stock Analysis Methods – Three Ways of Evaluating a Stock

When making investment decisions there is a lot of material available at your disposal.  From press releases, charts, financial statements, to economic indicators, it all starts to get overwhelming and can cloud your decision making process.  By understanding the different approaches to analyzing a company, you will be able to make a wise decision based […]

Margin Account Investing: Profiting With Other People’s Money

Margin account investing is a great way to really amp up the earnings of your portfolio without actually having to put more of your own money in.  You can borrow up to 70% of the value of an investing in a stock which means you only need to put up 30 cents on the dollar.  […]