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Is Diversification Broken?

One of the most common phrases we hear in investing is that of diversification. It’s usually known as the only free lunch in investing, but there’s a lot more to it than that. In today’s economy is diversification still the answer? Now you can learn from a 10 page report that exposes the myth of […]

The Uses of Silver

Did you know that silver is a chemical element? Did you know that other minerals have to be added to ‘native silver’ or ‘silver ore’ to provide you with the silver that you are most familiar with? Silver is mined much like any other precious metal but the difference is, it doesn’t get pulled from […]

The Process of Gold Mining

Gold has always been the pearl of great price. Ever since gold was first mined in Kolar Gold Field of Karnataka state in India, the desire to see and use more of it has seized the hearts of men. Although gold enjoys a lot of patronage in the making of jewels, it has weaved itself […]

What you need to know about Rare Earth Elements

The earth plays host to many elements, of which some have been discovered while some are yet to be discovered. Many years ago, as man continued to explore and exploit his environment, he came to the discovery of some elements showing certain similar behaviors that distinguished them from other elementary elements, and they also propagate […]

Are Gold Prices Tied To Egypt?

Despite what is happening in Egypt and the Arab world, gold hasn’t moved any higher. This would cause a great deal of concern for the gold bugs and people bullish on gold. Adam Hewison has a great explanation of why gold is where it is and where it is going. It’s firmly grounded in technical […]

Book Review: Understanding Wall Street

Understanding Wall Street is not always an easy thing to do. The book “Understanding Wall Street” tried to get to the bottom of it and help you understand the might bull itself and covers a lot of ground over the 350 or so pages. So what is it all about? History and Education The book […]

Back To The Penny Stock Archives

Something that hasn’t often been done here on the Canadian Penny Stocks blog is a look back at some of the articles that you might have missed in the past that might be of interest to new readers of the site. While some of the posts are on related to stocks that are moving at […]

Is The Canadian Securities Course For You?

If you’re just starting or a serious investor you might be considering taking the Canadian Securities Course. If you’re considering a career as a broker you’ll need this course, but what about you the individual trader? Does taking this course make you better prepared to handle the markets? Chances are, no. The fact however is […]

Another Rare Earth Element: Niobium

First we covered off Tantalum and learned that Commerce Resources (CCE.V) is a Canadian penny stock exploring for this rare earth element. The additional element that Commerce Resources is looking for is Niobium. Niobium has its own unique set of characteristics however can often be difficult to distinguish from Tantalum because of their physical properties. […]

A Rare Earth Element And A Company

One of the areas of small cap investing that has been highlighted on the Canadian penny stocks blog has been rare earth elements. There are many exploration and development companies that are traded on the Toronto Venture Exchange and looking for deposits of rare earth elements for various industrial uses. But often times the term […]