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Victory Ventures Inc – Canadian Penny Stock to watch CVE:VVN

Victory Ventures Inc.¬† (Google Finance¬†CVE:VVN – VVN)- Commencement of trading August 2, 2011 – Gross proceeds received by the Company for its IPO (initial public offering) were $1,050,000 consisting of 7,000,000 units priced at $0.15 per unit, with each unit consisting of one common share and one transferrable common share purchase warrant. Interesting Points about […]

Eagle Hill Exploration Corporation

Eagle Hill Exploration Corporation (EAG-TSX.V) is a Canadian mining exploration company focused on precious metal properties and acquisitions with the objective of building long-term growth utilizing an experienced management team and affiliates having proven track records in North American exploration, finance and capital markets. In North America, the Company is set to become an advanced […]

Penny Stock To Watch: Silver Quest Resources

Silver Quest Resources (SQI.V) is a mineral exploration company with properties based in Canada. They focus on gold and silver in their British Columbia and Yukon properties. While there has recently been a lot of discovery going on in the Yukon lately, there has been some positive developments in British Columbia as well. Read more […]

Penny Stock Profile: Lakeside Steel

Lakeside Steel is an oil and gas play however they are what many savvy investors look at are the ones making money regardless of the profitability of the companies trying to discover the stuff. They are in the oil and gas services industry. They are manufacturing pipe and mechanical tubing products. Currently they are based […]

Is This One To Watch?

Silverquest Resources is a company that’s had some buzz as of late. It’s time for me to get down to business and doing some research on this Canadian penny stock. They’re working in the Yukon and are the 4th largest landholder. Here’s a youtube video that you may find interesting on getting started. SQI is […]

Canadian Penny Stock: Catch the Wind Ltd

Catch the Wind develops and manufactures laser based wind sensor systems with a primary focus on developing technology to serve the wind power generation industry. Their goal is to be the leader in fiber-optic laser technology in the wind energy industry. They want to make a cleaner, more productive world, which isn’t a bad thing. […]

Update On GWG

Followers of this blog know about Great Western Mineral Group and owners of the company have been very happy with the stock performance over the past 3 months. They have a consistent vision that they’re working towards and are positioned well to deliver on their vision and given the current price of oil, their timing […]

An Update On Belo Sun Mining

Back in November we had discussed Belo Sun Mining, a mining exploration company that had a nice run up from $0.41 to $0.82 which was a tidy double in price. They had some attention in the media at that time as well so it was worth mentioning. Now what are they up to? The most […]

An Update On Advanced Explorations

Not so long ago, on the Canadian Penny Stocks blog we mentioned Advanced Explorations Inc. and weren’t sure of the direction the stock was going to take after the greater than 100% run up it had. Well some time has passed and it’s clear now that the direction was indeed higher. Currently trading at $0.67 […]

Great Western Minerals Reaches New 52 Week High

Great news for investors in GWG as it reaches a new 52-week high closing at $0.42 on a 15% move. This is one stock that continues to be on the watch list as a result of their potential combined with the compelling story for rare earth element companies into the future. Chinese companies dominate the […]