Hayward, California – August 23, 2013:  Valdor Technology International Inc. (“Valdor”) (TSX-V: VTI) is pleased to report that Valdor’s operating subsidiary, Valdor Fiber Optics, Inc., has received an initial purchase order from a Canadian telecom company.  In January 2013, this telecom installed several units of one of Valdor’s harsh environment products into their fibre network and these units have met or exceeded all technical requirements.  This purchase order has been filled and discussions are ongoing relative to the purchase of additional quantities of this and other Valdor products, to help this telecom meet their FTTx (fibre-to-the-home, fibre-to-the-curb, fibre-to-the-business, etc) installation needs. 

There are ten regional and national telecoms in Canada; ranging from the government owned SaskTel to the national and publically owned Bell Canada.  Currently, the telecom sector, as it relates to FTTx, is the largest global market for fibre optic products, and this telecom FTTx market accounts for about 80% of global fibre optic expenditures.  In North America fibre-to-the-home is at only 5% penetration.  For the vendor, the telecom market is a difficult one to penetrate due to its extensive requirements for high quality products and services.  It is estimated that the telecom market for passive and active FTTx products, for Canada only, will be in excess of $300 million/year, for at least the next five years.  The telecom FTTx market is much larger in the USA.  Valdor’s objective is to capture a significant share of this market.

Mr. Ron Boyce, Director/Vice-President Sales & Marketing, states: “I see this as a gateway purchase order for Valdor ultimately doing more business with this specific telecom, but in the big picture, for us doing significant business with other Canadian, North American, Central American and South American telecoms.”

About the Fibre Optics Industry: Fibre optics is the future of communications. The signal transmission business is in the early stages of a fibre optics bull market.  All signal transmission, in their many and various forms, are being converted from electrical to fiber optics.  A comprehensive global report on the fibre optic components market projects that it will reach US$42 billion by the year 2017.  

About Valdor Technology International Inc. ( Valdor is a high technology fibre optic components company specializing in the design and manufacture of fibre optic connectors, laser pigtails, splitters, and other optical and optoelectronic components, including some that use the Valdor proprietary and patented Impact Mount™ technology.  Valdor specializes in harsh environment products and in particular splitters and connectors.

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