Please find the latest news, a link below and information attached on the Earth’s Oldest “Nickel Bearing” Impact Crater Discovery and its connection to North American Nickel (NAN.V).

Some investors are saying the Maniitsoq Crater may be another Sudbury Nickel Crater or a Voisey Bay type Nickel Discovery, which was huge news in 1995-2002.

These natural impact craters are the result of a hypervelocity impact of an asteroid or comet with a planetary surface. The sudden impact creates an extraordinary geological process involving vast amounts of energy, and extreme strain rates, causing immediate rises in temperature and pressure that produce fracturing, disruption and structural redistribution of materials and metals.

In Sudbury, the Sudbury Formation is a 1.85 billion year old meteorite impact crater, with the first mineral discoveries made in 1883.

To date, the Sudbury mining area has produced approximately 1.7 billion tonnes of ore, containing 40 billion pounds of nickel, 36 billion pounds of copper, 70 million ounces of platinum, palladium and gold and as well, 283 million ounces of silver.

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We also have two news releases from the company with maps and more information about the company.

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