In my search for undiscovered penny stocks, I found a very interesting pharmaceutical company that’s helping people with liver and lung diseases, named Pacific Therapeutics.

I discovered they use already approved FDA drugs and combine them with other compounds to make new drugs that treat these liver & lung diseases.

The company announced Clinical Trials with their first drug.

I don’t know if you are aware but to have a drug enter clinical trials takes many years, maybe 7-15 yrs. A lot of junior biotech companies’ compounds rarely get to clinical / human trials; it’s a long and expensive process. This junior is in the clinical trial stage which is amazing.

Generally when biotech companies announce government agencies’ approvals and or results from clinical trials their stocks usually go up in value substantially.

The clinical stage is much closer to commercialization than preclinical, making it more attractive with less risk.

There are 21 million shares outstanding and the stock is relatively an unknown to the market and it has the potential for rapid growth and gains.

 Pacific Therapeutics Corporation Details

Pacific Therapeutics Corporation (PT: CNSX) a Specialty Pharmaceutical Company is focused on the identification, development and sales of drug candidates to treat diseases of the liver and lungs caused by excessive and progressive tissue scarring, called fibrosis.


Pacific Therapeutics’ business and drug development strategy reduces risk, time and the capital costs of developing new drug therapies for liver and lung diseases caused by fibrosis. By combining existing approved drugs that have already known safety and toxicity profiles, the company eliminates the inherent risks involved with basic pre clinical research and animal testing.

First Drug Candidate

Pacific Therapeutics’ lead drug candidate; PTL-202 is set for Phase 1 clinical trials in 2012. PTL-202 is a combination of drugs that have been approved by the FDA to treat diseases other than fibrosis. PTL-202 is being developed by Pacific Therapeutics to treat a progressive lung scarring disease, named Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF). More people die of annually IPF than either prostate or breast cancer. IPF is estimated to be a $2 billion market opportunity.
On July 12, 2011 Pacific Therapeutics engaged CRBIO (Clinical Research and Biosciences of Hyderabad, India to conduct a clinical trial with PTL-202 in a drug to drug interaction study in humans. CRBIO is the clinical trials a division of RA Chem Pharma Limited., India.

Second Drug Candidate

Pacific Therapeutics’ second drug candidate, PTL-303, is also a combination of drugs, one of which has been approved for human use in Japan. PTL-303 has been shown to be effective in the reduction of molecules that contribute to the development of diseases including, liver cirrhosis in humans. PTL-303 may be developed as a treatment to reduce the severity of progressive diseases like chronic liver disease.

Chronic liver disease which may lead to cirrhosis of the liver is responsible for over 1.4m deaths annually (WHO, World Health Report 2004) In the US chronic liver disease is among the top ten disease related causes of death (CDC, National Center for Health Statistics, 2004). This market is estimated to be $3.0 billion.

Share Capital – March 2012

  •  Shares issued: 20,787,950
  • Escrowed shares: 10,031,001
  • Warrants & Options: 4,653,000
  • Fully Diluted: 25,440,950
  • 52 wk hi-lo: 0.25-0.10


Examples of Jr. Biotech’s charts after announcements of Regulatory Approvals

(Jan & Feb 2012)



Pacific Therapeutics

PT.CSNX – Visit link for stock details.

 News Release


Pacific Therapeutics Ltd. Announces Engagement of CRBIO to Conduct Clinical Trials

December 7, 2011, Vancouver, British Columbia – Pacific Therapeutics Ltd. (the “Issuer”) is a development stage specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the identification and development of drug candidates to treat diseases of excessive scarring (fibrosis).

Mr. Doug Unwin, President and CEO of the Issuer, is pleased to announce the engagement of CRBIO of Hyderabad, India to conduct a drug-drug interaction study in humans. CRBIO is the clinical trials division of RA Chem Pharma Limited.

The objective of the trial is to investigate the drug-drug interaction between pentoxifylline and NAC, the active ingredients in the Issuer’s lead drug candidate PTL-202. This trial will be an open label, non-randomized study in healthy subjects.

About Pacific Therapeutics Ltd.
Pacific Therapeutics ltd. is development stage specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the identification and development of drug candidates to treat diseases of excessive scarring (fibrosis). Its strategy includes reformulating approved drugs to increase efficacy and patient compliance, completing the further clinical testing, manufacturing and other regulatory requirements sufficient to seek marketing authorizations. This strategy may reduce the risk, time and cost of developing therapies for fibrosis by avoiding the risks associated with basic research and using compounds with unknown safety and toxicity profiles. The company’s lead drug candidate is PTL-202 a combination of approved drugs focused on treating fibrosis such as Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.



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