Taking a look at Canadian Penny Stock Picks for February 27-March 4 2012, the mineral exploration and energy sectors are doing well, as they have been for previous weeks. As an added bonus, many of this week’s picks are seriously undervalued. As any serious investor knows, it’s a good idea to buy low and sell high, and these picks, despite currently trading low, have all shown promising new developments that are sure to put them back on top of the penny stock game.


Yangarra Resources Ltd. (YGR-X, 0.55)


Yangarra is part of the lucrative Canadian energy sector, and its stock is essentially “on sale” right now, because even though it is trading close to its lowest price of the year it has announced an excellent comprehensive plan for future development. Their current production volumes are up 37% from last quarter. This one looks like it has nowhere to go but up.


Aquila Resources Inc. (AQA-T 0.51)


Mineral exploration is such a hot industry right now, especially inCanada.Aquilaresources is also trading at close to year lows, and has just acquired a new project (Five Mile Lake Project) which is a promising development.


TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd. (TNP-T 1.32)


This company has been troubled of late, but announced a letter of intent to sell off its Oilfield Services business for well over 150 million dollars. This development will likely cause a rise in stock prices, since the money will go to paying off the company’s debt and putting them back on solid financial footing once more.


Honey Badger Exploration Inc. (TUF-X 0.08)


Speaking of solid Canadian mineral companies, Honey Badger Exploration is trading close to year highs. They have announced positive findings in the geology of their projects, and it is likely that they will likely be developing new supplies of gold or semi-precious metals soon.


Rusoro Mining Ltd. (RML-X 0.11)


Rusoro Mining Ltd has recently completed a feasibility study, and it seems as though their Choco mine will be able to expand to produce 20,000 tonnes per day. This increase in output will obviously increase revenue and profit, and hopefully, stock prices. Rusoro is another stock that has been trading near year lows, which makes it an excellent buying opportunity.


Goldrush Resources Ltd. (GOD-X 0.17)


Goldrush Resources has 18 new core holes, and 6 have been analyzed with favourable results. New gold will be pouring into Goldrush’s coffers soon, with stock prices sure to fair well also. If the report on the remaining 12 core holes is also favourable, this company’s fortunes may be set to skyrocket.

Zecotek Photonics Inc. (ZMS-X 0.60)


This company differs in a fairly large way from the others on the list today. One of Zectek’s subsidiaries has launched a lawsuit for patent infringement which could prove to be lucrative. This subsidiary owns the patent on a special substance used in medical scanners, and if they can prove in court that a rival company is infringing on their patent, their fortunes, and stock, could go up.