We’re coming off of the Ontario Family Day holiday, and savvy investors are itching to get back into trading after a 3 day weekend. Let’s take a look at some penny stocks with the potential to explode:

Tanzania Minerals Corp. (TZM-X 0.22)

This minerals company is doing extremely well for itself lately. Canada’s diamond industry is getting more and more popular worldwide as conscious buyers choose our “non-conflict” diamonds over ones mined to fund wars and terrorist acts. Tanzania has 14 diamond drill holes and is in the process to expand to gold, as well. This is a good choice if you want exposure to hot commodities.

Hunter Bay Minerals plc (HBY-X 0.21)

Diamonds certainly seem to be on fire right now, and Hunter Bay just signed an agreement worth 5000m of diamond drilling. Snap this up before March 31, because after they start drilling, if they find a rich vein this stock is sure to soar!

Largo Resources Ltd. (LGO-X 0.29)

Commodity penny stocks seem to be a good bet lately. Largo shot up over the weekend, and it looks like this might be a good buy to get in on, before it rises too high. Largo is working internationally to acquire undervalued properties, and has developments in both Brazil and Northern Canada.

Freegold Ventures Limited (FVL-T 0.73)

Freegold Ventures, recommended in this space last week, did see a surge in price up until Friday. Although it experienced a sharp drop on the weekend, don’t despair. They have released last quarter results and news is positive. Expect this one to keep moving up.

Reliance Resources Limited (RI-T 0.24)

More gold, but this time from an Indonesian exploration company. Reliance has recently unveiled that Andrew Wilson will be the new director of the company. Wilson has an established pedigree and should bring increasing good fortune to the company and its stockholders alike.

Alexander Nubia International Inc. (AAN-X 0.09)

Alexander Nubia has the rights to drill and develop a rich vein discovered in the Nubian Shield in Egypt. This shield has deposits of various minerals and precious metals, and could be Alexander Nubian’s big break. They have verified that they are drilling a VMS deposit and have indicated a very positive future.

Tucows Inc. (TC-T 0.78)

For all you techies out there, Tucows is a small but growing Internet Service Provider. Revenue has increased 19% over last year, and income is steadily rising. As people get sick of the “giant” ISPs that take advantage of customers, Tucows is poised to surge ahead.

Lately the trends seem to be gold, diamonds, and to a smaller degree, tech. Tech has a lot of room for profit, but can also be disastrous, as well. Commodities are generally more stable and add an element of security (although nothing is a sure thing) to your penny stock portfolio. Happy investing! 

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