You’ll have yourself a great Valentine’s Day with these Penny Stock to Watch on February 14, 2012. There’s nothing like a great gain from a penny stock to make you feel like a savvy investor, and here’s where to find the “little guys” with the biggest potential in the near future.


D-BOX Technologies Inc. (DBO-T 0.37) is an exciting company on the cutting edge of the entertainment industry. They create chairs that move in perfect synchronization with the action in movies and games, putting you right in the movie! They’ve announced their details for the last quarter, and are up 5 million in profits over last quarter. The stock is overvalued right now, so it’s time to snap it up!

H2O Innovation Inc. (HEO-X 0.24) is a diverse water treatment company eager to invest in new technology for filtering water. Many of their technologies promise to be cheaper and more effective than existing technology, not to mention being stable and environmentally friendly. This is a company whose time is coming, and they have already posted profits up over 1 million over this quarter last year. An interesting way to diversify your penny stock portfolio.

Rutter Inc. (RUT-T 0.06) is an incredibly diverse company devoted to innovative technology. Although their vision seems rather broad, there is also a high chance that at least of few of their acquired technologies will explode in popularity or utility, sending this stock soaring. At this price, the stock really has nowhere to go but up.

DHX Media Ltd. (DHX-T 1.03) is responsible for such toys as the “Rastamouse” and is gaining popularity worldwide for their various children’s entertainment ventures. Revenues are up 27% over second-quarter 2011, and this company, responsible for over 40 original kids television shows, is looking to go places!

Yukon-Nevada Gold Corp. (YNG-T 0.39) proves that minerals are still keeping up with tech and innovation penny stocks. This penny stock is one to snap up. Gold prices remain high, meaning there is lots of room for smaller companies to become highly successful. Diversifying with penny stocks in several smaller gold companies guarantee that no matter which ones make it to the “big time” one of your picks will make you some serious money! Recent drilling is going well for Yukon-Nevada, making this one a stock likely to go up in the near future.

Poynt Corporation (PYN-X 0.14) is in the lucrative mobile market. Their technology works with all platforms to provide information about just about anything, anywhere. See something you like? Use poynt’s technology to find out what it is, and the nearest place to find it! Poynt offers their services in 8 countries…soon to be 9. They have just recently gotten a foothold in the elusive and highly sought-after Chinese market, which means over 1 billion potential new customers. These shares are set to explode!