Looking for penny stocks to pick in February 2012? Here is some exciting news likely to drive up these penny stocks and turn you a profit. Small gold and minerals companies are doing very well lately, with new drills successfully locating large, profit-inciting reserves. Since commodities like minerals are a safer investment than tech stock, it can’t hurt to beef up your portfolio with some of today’s picks.


Sychronica (0.20) and Intertainment Media (0.75) – Synchronica offers next-generation messaging (Mobile Gateway) that allows any phone to communicate like a smartphone. They have just announced a partnership with Intertainment Media, which is supported by Gene Simmons, to combine fledgling technologies offered by both companies. These tech stocks have huge potential to turn out profits if the ingenuity of both companies combines to offer hot new products and services.

Synchronica: SYN-X (0.20)

Intertainment: INT-X (0.75)


Freegold Ventures – Freegold ventures lost some value this week, but don’t let that scare you off. Consider this stock to be “on sale.” After all, they have just announced the results of their three latest drills, and one of them has very promising results. With the price of gold what it is right now, finding a good gold deposit is just what freegold needs to recover from Monday’s fall, and more.

Freegold: FVL-T (0.75)

Freegold is far from the only small gold company that looks good in the coming days. Scorpio Gold Corporation is currently trading at just over a dollar, and things are looking up with recent positive announcements regarding 2011 performance and profits.


Scorpio: SGN-X


Manitou is another small gold company to watch. With over 20 new claims to explore, most of them in mineral-rich Western Ontario, it’s likely that Manitou is going places. The current stock price is pleasantly low, which means you’ll get more bang for your buck when the news breaks that they’ve hit a new find!


Manitou: MTU-X


NuLegacy Gold Corporation


Another gold penny stock to watch, Nulegacy has had a successful drill in Nevada which will be very profitable for the company. Again, with gold trading so high, successful news from a small gold corporation is a likely sign that a small penny stock will be increasing in value over the next year or so.


Nulegacy: NUG-X


Rio Verde Minerals


Sticking with the solid mining and minerals section of your portfolio; Rio Verde Minerals has announced that a drill has confirmed large volumes of potash, which is used in great quantities all over the world and is likely to improve Rio Verde’s fortunes.

Rio Verde Minerals: RVD-T


Novus Energy


With the price of oil lately, there is plenty of room for small energy companies to increase their stock prices. Novus is currently trading at just over a dollar, and they’ve just announced that their reserves are 83% higher than last year. With a lot of liquidity, they have options and room to expand operations when opportunities present themselves.


Novus: NVS-X


Sprylogics International


Sprylogics is on its way up; shares are trading faster than ever, prompting a rise in prices for this attractively priced penny stock. Sprylogics develops advanced search and analytic technology, perfect for large companies that need to sift through huge mounds of private data. Keep your eye on this one!


Sprylogics: SPY-X


Mint Technologies


Mint Technologies is on a fairly fast rise, and is up over 300% from its 52wk low. If you’re into tech stocks, this one is hot right now.


Mint Technologies: MIT-X


Whether you’re into tech or minerals, now is a good time to make a profit on these penny stocks!