There is a saying on Wall Street; sell in May and go away. While this is an old saying, it’s rarely one that is practiced by most investors. This would have been a good year to do just that. Taking a look at the charts and it’s clear that this seasonal effect was in full swing.

The corollary, if you will, to the adage is known as the Halloween indicator. Basically, the period between November and April have generally been outperforming compared with the rest of the year. While several studies had been conducted on determine whether this trend is something worthy of exploitation, they are largely inconclusive from the investors perspective, unless you choose to believe or disbelieve certain elements.

These types of waves are generally more from an overall market perspective whereas individual stock picking, especially with small cap companies is less reliant on seasonal patterns and more to do with the possibilities that exist within the company itself. My kind of investing.

It was also that way with the blog in a sense. As the author of the blog, I took some time off this summer from blogging to get married. I’m happy to report that all went well and we’re now happily married and had a lot of fun on the honeymoon as well. But we’re back in business now here at the Canadian Penny Stocks blog and happy to be so.

Looking forward to sharing more info and stocks with you all this fall. Continued success!