A few interesting reads around the internet today. Ocassionally on the Canadian Penny Stocks blog there will be a post of some readings elsewhere on the internet. Some are directly about penny stocks, investing, and money, while others might be a little off topic but hope to strike some interest for you.

Investopedia has an article on The Dark Side of Bulk Buying which is not necessarily about investing but it’s about where you money goes if you’re not investing it.

Adam Hewison explains why diversification doesn’t work in today’s stock market environment. It’s a compelling case considering the performance of indexes the past few years.

Here is a Bloomberg article discussing IMF credibility based on an audit. There’s politics at work at the IMF no doubt. “The policy conclusions from International Monetary Fund research don’t always follow the underlying analysis, thereby potentially harming the institution’s reputation, according to an internal audit.” Read on…

Maybe some day Financial Advisors will be more than salespeople. Rob Carrick talks about it in an interesting article: Financial advice business needs to grow up.

The Sino-Forest story is fascinating in that mysterious kind of way. Of course for investors it’s been more of a horror show. The Blunt Bean counter has a suggestion for those paying the price on unvetted media coverage.

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