Today’s markets were shaky as they continue to figure out the value and fallout from the Greek bailout and the jobless situation in the US. There’s certainly a flight to safety going on right now that has seen money flow out of equities and into US $ and treasuries. This has also had an impact on the Canadian Dollar as well driving it ever closer to parity. The CAD/USD trade may only be a short term trend until the market figures out what is happening with America and Greece. When the appetite for risk returns it’s conceivable that we will see another rise in the Canadian dollar. Of course this isn’t a forex blog!

One of the small cap stocks we’ve followed this year continues to have market interest and is a big mover volume wise on the TSX-V. Intertainment (INT.V) had a significant run up at the beginning of the year and has since retreated to lower levels now trading in the $0.60 range. Their product Ortsbo is the one to watch.

Ortsbo announced that its world famous real time translation application is moving to cloud to support viral growth. Built on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform, Ortsbo’s new HTML alpha platform will allow the users to connect initially to Facebook, MSN and Google GTalk. Other social networks will be implemented quickly on the new platform, the company said in a press release. source: TMCnet

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