Yes! There’s been a shortage of penny stock updates in the past couple of weeks. Although for the most part I’ve not let other commitments interfere with the updates on this site, they did. With good reason though as all of the energy is being put towards a start up company that may some day result in a public offering? Although there shouldn’t be speculation that far down the line, sufficed to say that starting a business takes a lot of work and energy. But hopefully by putting all that energy will result in a plan for success. But enough about me…what have the Canadian Penny Stocks been up to in the past while.

In short, there hasn’t been a significant overall movement up or down in the overall stock market in the past couple of weeks. Oil, Gold, and the TSX in general flat for the 30 day period. So was it a lost month for investors? Not necessarily. Here are a few penny stocks that have had positive moves that will have made investors in them happy:


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