Did you know that silver is a chemical element? Did you know that other minerals have to be added to ‘native silver’ or ‘silver ore’ to provide you with the silver that you are most familiar with? Silver is mined much like any other precious metal but the difference is, it doesn’t get pulled from the ground as solid silver and needs other minerals such as lime and sodium cyanide to bring out what is known as silver bullion.

There is a whole process in which silver is extracted then melted into forms of bullion bars. Silver has been around for thousands of years in countries like China and Egypt and has been found in many different ancient tombs in the form of jewelry and art. Silver has also been used as currency as early as 700BC which was the iron age, this was the time that man really discovered the many uses of many other types of precious metals as well as silver.

Silver is used today in many different ways because of its versatility and conductivity. The most common uses for silver are probably already known such as coins, jewelry, and fine dining utensils. There is a whole host of items that use silver and many of these items will simply amaze you. Because of the versatility of silver many inventors and developers have chosen silver as the main metal of choice to include in their designs.

– Solder: Silver is used in the solder that holds your copper pipes together in your homes, and this is because of its ability to bond as well as flow when it is in a liquid form.

– Film: Photographic film uses silver and has done so since its discovery in 1927 by Johann Henrich Shulze. Shulze, mixed nitric acid, chalk, and silver together and found when this solution was introduced to sunlight, it changed colors. This was the beginning to photographic film.

– Medicines: Colloidal silver has been used in medicines for centuries and is still used in some antibiotics and certain healing ointments.

– Electronic equipment: Silver is used in all types of electronic equipment because of its ability to conduct electricity and current. Silver is used in making connections, soldering chips to mother boards, as well as conductive clips and snaps for making perfect non interference contact points. Silver is also used in Solar Panels for the same conductive reasons.

– Mirrors: Silver has been used in making mirrors for decades but much of this has stopped because of the higher value of silver today.

– Industrial: Silver is used in many different types of machinery as well as the parts that build them such as bearings and electronics that are used.

– Trading: Silver is traded on the stock market the same way gold and other precious metals are because of its increasing value.

The uses of silver have only really just begun. Many of the uses listed have only just been discovered in the last 200 years. It has yet to be seen, all the new developments and inventions that will enlist the help of silver and its versatility. For this reason you can see why silver is the most used precious metal in the world.

photo credit: RickC

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