A short week in the trading books this week so does that mean one day less to profit or are we saving ourselves from an another day of losses? The overall TSX edged higher this past week while gold is hanging out above $1500/oz and oil comfortably above the $110/barrel level. Not good for those people filling up at the pumps! Let’s take a look at last week’s stocks on watch and gather a few more.

ABN.V – $0.22 – $0.22
NAG.V – $0.07 – $0.065 (-7%)
AVR.V – $1.59 – $1.56 (-2%)

This week we’re going to look at:
OPL.V – $1.53
GAX.V – $0.155
CDA.V – $0.23

Each of the stocks on watch this week has a trend analysis available for free too. It’s worth checking out.

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