Another 5-day trading week where stocks moved higher. What’s more is the Canadian dollar, oil, and gold all putting in solid performances as well. What does this mean for penny stocks? There are many Canadian penny stocks that focus on gold and oil. These will be your primary area of focus. The additional consideration however is that the Canadian dollar is so high it may impact the profitability of the company if they are primarily an exporter of goods from Canada. Keep that in mind with your research.

Here are the performances from last week:
PTA.V – $0.34 – $0.23 – has been a longer term down trend so I probably shouldn’t have put this as a watch. Lesson learned.
DOG.V – $0.415 – $0.39

For this week we’re going to again focus on rare earth companies. As the price of oil climbs more people will again be considering fuel saving mechanisms and rare earths are needed in many new energy saving technologies.
AZM.V – $1.35
NWI.TO – $0.18
RUU.V -$2.10

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