In the last penny stocks update there were 5 penny stock ideas as opposed to the usual 3. All of the stocks featured had an outstanding performance the week prior and it was a bit of a short term experiment to see if taking those stocks and seeing if gains could be added on in another week. This past week was a wild ride but did end up higher overall for the TSX. Here’s how the penny stocks mentioned have performed.

PLL-X 1.23 – 1.28 (+4%)
OPL-X 1.05 – 1.13 (+7.6%)
CFM-X 0.81 – 0.86 (+6%)
HDA-X 1.54 – 1.72 (11.6%)
WER-X 0.68 – 0.61 (-10%)

4 out of 5 stocks in the green is not that bad of a performance considering the high risk associated with penny stocks. There is potential out there to outperform the markets. Here are three more Canadian Penny Stocks that you might want to look into:

CTW.V – $0.93
SNM.V – $0.92
CA.V – $0.60

All the best with your penny stock researching and investing!

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